Aircraft all of a sudden slows down then speeds back up

So I’m currently flying from KLAX to KPDX and my plane will randomly slow way down then speed back up. I was curious to see if anyone else has had that issue and if theres anything I can do to fix it

Do you mean the throttle or the speed itself?

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The throttle.

Was your SPD set on autopilot?

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What aircraft? Is it when u reach an altitude set in the AP? Also what are your V speeds

Hello. I am curious as to what is moving, is it the speed or the throttle? Also, what are the current wind conditions where you are flying? With this info, I will be able to help!

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I believe that’s the throttle trying to balance out the speed you planned to be at

Yes, this is what is happening. I can explain after I have landed in maybe 10 minutes.

EDIT: can someone please explain this to @Kevin_Ashwill_Jr.

Nothing bad.Once it gets to your planned speed it should stop moving up and down

Yes, although, the winds could be a variable in this as well.

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If it’s a A321, then it’s a glitch because once you get to a cruising alt. The plane will go up and down violently and or the throttle goes from 10% to 100% back and forth extremely fast.

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