Aircraft / Airport Runway Requirements - Airport Restrictions

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Below you will find Aircraft Runway Requirements for most of the aircraft found in IF as well as every controlled Delta, Charlie, and Bravo airport including runway lengths for every region.

By following the guide below, I can all but guarantee that you won’t receive the “aircraft to large for airport” message from controllers or a violation for flying an A380 into an airport too small. This guide was built utilizing the manufacturer’s ACAP (Aircraft Characteristics for Airport Planning) data in hopes that it will help pilots and controllers keep things more uniform and realistic on the expert server. The runway info below assumes optimal landing conditions: dry, concrete, no wind, no runway grade, airfield elevation is sea level. You will see “xxxxft - zzzzft (MLW)” where “x” represents the amount of runway you need if your weight is set to low, and “z” represents Max Landing Weight (MLW).

Its pretty simple, identify your aircraft and the runway length needed, then choose an airport with a runway long enough to accommodate your aircraft of choice. Keep in mind, Delta Class airports rarely see any commercial jets, Charlie airports rarely see “heavies” or anything bigger than a B737/A321, and not all Bravo’s can handle all heavies. Also, I personally would like to see commercial jets stop flying into and out of military bases as that would never happen in real life.

If you find this guide useful, let me know with a “like” and/or reply below. If you have any suggestions for this list, or if I’ve made any mistakes, please let me know as well. My goal is to add some more details for these airports like: aircraft restrictions, largest gates for passenger aircraft, runway material (grass/dry lake bed/ashpalt/concrete), etc. So if you know of the specifics for any airport and want to help me out, let me know and I will add the additional info…

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Note: I will be making updates to this. If there is something you would like to add to this before I make it a wiki, please comment below or PM me.

Aircraft / Runway Length Requirement / Suggested Airport Class

A318 / 3,400ft - 4,300ft (MLW) / B, C, D
A319 / 3,000ft - 5,000ft (MLW) / B, C, D
A320 / 3,500ft - 6,500ft (MLW) / B, some C
A321 / 3,600ft - 6,300ft (MLW) / B, some C
A330-200F / 3,000ft - 7,000ft (MLW) / B, some C
A330-300 / 3,000ft - 7,000ft (MLW) / B, some C
A340-600 / 5,800ft - 8,700ft (MLW) / B
A380-800 / 5,300ft - 7,000ft (MLW) / B

BC-17 Globemaster III / 3,500ft (1,064m) / B, C, D (non-verified)
B717-200 / 3,600ft - 5,000ft (MLW) / B, some C
B737-700 / 3,500ft - 5,000ft (MLW) / B, C
B737-800 / 3,800ft - 5,800ft (MLW) / B, some C
B737-900 / 4,100ft - 5,900ft (MLW) / B, some C
B757-200 / 3,900ft - 5,100ft (MLW) / B, C
B767-300 / 3,700ft - 5,300ft (MLW) / B
B777-200 / 3,700ft - 5,300ft (MLW) / B
B777-200LR / 5,300ft - 5,300ft (MLW) / B
B777-300ER / 4,700ft - 6,200ft (MLW) / B
B787-8 / 4,400ft - 5,000ft (MLW) / B
B787-9 / 4,400ft - 6,200ft (MLW) / B
B787-10 / 5,500ft - 7,000ft (MLW) / B (non-verified)
B747-SOFIA / 3,500ft - 5,400ft (MLW) / B
B747-VC-25 / 4,500ft - 7,300ft (MLW) / B
B747-200 / 4,500ft - 7,300ft (MLW) / B
B747-400 / 5,500ft - 7,300ft (MLW) / B
B747-800 / 5,000ft - 7,400ft (MLW) / B
B747-SCA / 6,000ft - 8,000ft (MLW) / B (non-verified)

Dash 8-Q400 / 4,230ft (MLW) / B, C, D
CRJ-200 / 4,850ft (MLW) / B, C, D

ERJ-170 / 3,300ft - 4,300ft (MLW) / B, C, D
ERJ-175 / 3,300ft - 4,300ft (MLW) / B, C, D
ERJ-190 / 3,300ft - 4,300ft (MLW) / B, C, D
ERJ-195 / 3,800ft - 5,000ft (MLW) / B, C, D

Controlled Airports


Class Bravo

EBBL – Kleine Brogel
05L/23R 10,125ft x 147ft
05R/23L 7,863ft x 75ft

EBBR – Brussels Airport
02/20 9,814ft x 164ft
07L/25R 11,933ft x 147ft
07R/25L 10,550ft x 147ft

EBFS – Florennes
08L/26R 11,215ft x 147ft
08R/26L 7,337ft x 75ft

EBLG – Liege
05L/23R 7,666ft x 147ft
05R/23L 10,001ft x 147ft

EDDK – Koeln-Bonn Intl
06/24 8,060ft x 147ft
14L/32R 12,465ft x 196ft
14R/32L 6,104ft x 147ft

EDDL – Duesseldorf
05L/23R 8,895ft x 147ft
05R/23L 9,858ft x 147ft

EHAM – Schiphol
04/22 6,620ft x 147ft
06/24 11,440ft x 160ft
09/27 11,310ft x 164ft
18R/36L 12,461ft x 183ft
18C/36C 10,823ft x 160ft
18L/36R 11,282ft x 164ft

EHDL – Deelen
02/20 9,676ft x 164ft

EHEH – Eindhoven
03/21 9,832ft x 147ft

EHTW – Twenthe
06/24 9,776ft x 147ft

EHVK – Volkel
23/5 3,043ft x 75ft
24L/6R 9,910ft x 75ft
24R/6L 9,917ft x 147ft

ETNG – Geilenkirchen
09/27 9,980ft x 147ft

Class Charlie

EBBE – Beauvechain
04L/22R 9,157ft x 147ft
04R/22L 7,682ft x 75ft

EBCI – Brussels South – Charleroi
07/25 8,347ft x 147ft

EBWE – Weelde
07/25 9,741ft x 147ft

EBZR – Oostmalle Airfield
05/23 9,786ft x 147ft

EDDG – Muenster Osnabrueck
07/25 7,100ft x 147ft

EDLD – Dinslaken Schwarze Heide
26/8 4,246ft x 97ft
26C/8C 3,284ft x 179ft
26R/8L 3,284ft x 179ft

EDLV – Weeze-Niederrhein
09/27 7,982ft x 174ft

EDLW – Dortmund-Wickede
06/24 6,546ft x 147ft

EHBK – Maastricht
03/21 9,021ft x 147ft

EHGR – Gilze Rijen
02/20 6,038ft x 97ft
10/28 6,877ft x 170ft

EHRD – Rotterdam The Hague
06/24 7,198ft x 147ft

EHSB – Soesterberg
09/27 6,987ft x 147ft

EHWO – Woensdrecht
07/25 5,704ft x 147ft

ETNN – Norvenich AB
07/25 7,988ft x 147ft

ETSB – Buchel
03/21 8,232ft x 147ft

ETUR – [X] Bruggen
09/27 9,926ft x 164ft
09R/27L 7,120ft x 67ft

Class Delta

EBAV – Avernas
05/23 771ft x 66ft

EBAW – Antwerp Deurne
11/29 4,930ft x 164ft
11L/29R 1,959ft x 98

EBBT – Brasschaat
17/35 2,951ft x 100ft

EBBZ – Buzet
16/34 676ft x 81ft

EBCF – Cerfontaine
12L/30R 2,626ft x 66ft
12R/30L 2,368ft x 97ft

EBKH – Balen Keiheuvel
07/25 2,255ft x 118ft

EBNM – Namur
06/24 2,662ft x 252ft

ED11 – Kamen
11/29 3,062ft x 131ft

EDKB – Bonn-Hangelar
11/29 2,614ft x 97ft
11C/29C 3,284ft x 97ft
11L/29R 3,612ft x 197ft

EDKV – Dahlemer Binz Airport
05/23 3,652ft x 164ft
06/24 3,500ft x 97ft

EDKZ – Meinerzhagen Airport
07/25 3,642ft x 66ft

EDLA – Arnsberg Menden
05/23 3,000ft x 66ft

EDLE – Essen Mulheim
07/25 3,934ft x 164ft

EDLH – Hamm Lippewiesen
06/24 2,013ft x 66ft

EDLK – Krefeld Egelsberg
06/24 2,102ft x 104ft

EDLN – Monchengladbach
13/31 4,720ft x 97ft

EDLS – Stadtlohn Vreden
11/29 3,206ft x 66ft

EDRK – Kolblenz Winningen
06/24 3,849ft x 66ft

EDWN – Nordhorn-Lingen
24/6 2,955ft x 66ft

EDXA – Achmer
25/7 941ft x 29ft

EDXE – Rheine-Eschendorf
11/29 3,020ft x 97ft

EHBD – Budel
03/21 3,929ft x 75ft

EHVV – Hilversum
07/25 1,970ft x 164ft
13/31 2,167ft x 164ft
18/36 2,299ft x 164ft

EHKD – De Kooy
04/22 3,579ft x 97ft

EHLE – Lelystad Airport
05/23 4,095ft x 97ft
05L/23R 1,412ft x 164ft

EHNR – Nistelrode
11/29 2,911ft x 389ft

EHSE – Seppe
07/25 2,778ft x 75ft

ETHE – Rheine Bentlage
09/27 1,646ft x 97ft

ETHM – Mendig
08/26 5,286ft x 116ft
24/6 2,105ft x 190ft


Class Bravo

TAPA – Antigua – V C Bird Intl
07/25 10,052ft x 147ft

TFFR – Point A Pitre – Le Raizet
12/30 10,672ft x 147ft

Class Charlie

TKPK – St. Kitts/Bradshaw Intl
07/25 7,620ft x 147ft Note: Largest aircraft is 777/330

TNCM – St. Maarten – Princess Juliana Intl
10/28 7,092ft x 147ft

Class Delta

TAPH – Barbuda/Codrington
08/26 1,642ft x 49ft

TFFC – Saint Francois
10/28 2,484ft x 79ft

TFFG – St. Maarten – Grand Case
12/30 3,933ft x 97ft

TFFJ – St. Barthelemy – Gustaf III
10/28 2,098ft x 61ft

TKPN – Nevis/Armory Intl
10/28 3,997ft x 97ft

TQPF – Anguilla/Wallblake
10/28 5,453ft x 97ft

TRPG – Montserrat – John A Osborne
10/28 1,952ft x 66ft

Charlotte, NC:

Class Bravo

KCLT – Charlotte Douglas Intl
18R/36L 9,025ft x 150ft
18C/36C 10,029ft x 150ft
18L/36R 8,874ft x 150ft
05/23 7,503ft x 150ft

KJQF – Concorde Rgnl
18R/36L 9,023ft x 150ft
18C/36C 10,029ft x 150ft
18L/36R 8,874ft x 150ft
05/23 7,503ft x 150ft

04L/22R 10,028ft x 150ft
04R/22L 8,010ft x 150ft

Class Charlie

KAGS – Augusta Rgnl At Bush Fld
08/26 5,993ft x 75ft
17/35 8,019ft x 150ft

KCAE – Columbia Metropolitan
11/29 8,588ft x 150ft
05/23 8,019ft x 150ft

KFLO – Florence Rgnl
09/27 6,487ft x 150ft
01/19 6,015ft x 150ft

KMMT – Mc Entire Angs
14/32 9,017ft x 150ft
05/23 2,051ft x 89ft

KPOB – Pope Afb
05/23 7,504ft x 150ft
05R/23L 3,001ft x 60ft

Class Delta

KHFF – Mackall Aaf
04/22 5,001ft x 150ft
16/34 4,919ft x 150ft
11/29 4,798ft x 99ft

KVUJ – Stanley Co
04R/22L 5,503ft x 97ft
04L/22R 3,500ft x 75ft

Chicago, IL

Class Bravo

KMKE – General Mitchell Intl
01L/19R 9,707ft x 200ft
07R/25L 7,856ft x 150ft
13/31 4,590ft x 150ft
07L/25R 4,787ft x 97ft
01R/19L 4,179ft x 150ft

KMLI – Quad City Intl
05/23 5,025ft x 150ft
09/27 10,027ft x 150ft
13/31 6,772ft x 150ft

KORD – Chicago O’Hare International
10C/28C 10,777ft x 200ft
10L/28R 12,970ft x 150ft
04R/22L 8,073ft x 150ft
14R/32L 9,694ft x 199ft
14L/32R 10,022ft x 150ft
09R/27L 7,947ft x 150ft
04L/22R 7,499ft x 150ft
09L/27R 7,481ft x 150ft
10R/28L 7,507ft x 150ft

KPIA – Peoria Intl
04/22 7,999ft x 150ft
13/31 9,599ft x 150ft

KRFD – Chicago Rockford Intl
07/25 10,004ft x 150ft
01/19 8,229ft x 150ft

Class Charlie

KARR – Aurora Muni
09/27 6,487ft x 100ft
15/33 5,512ft x 98ft
18/36 3,199ft x 75ft

KBMI – Central Illinois Rgnl
02/20 8,033ft x 150ft
11/29 6,537ft x 150ft

KCMI – Univ of Illinois Willard
14L/32R 8,106ft x 150ft
04/22 6,502ft x 150ft
18/36 5,311ft x 150ft
14R/32L 3,816ft x 75ft

KDBQ – Dubuque Rgnl
15/31 6,499ft x 98ft
18/36 6,336ft x 150ft

KDPA – Du Page
02L/20R 7,598ft x 100ft
02R/20L 5,105ft x 100ft
10/28 4,777ft x 75ft
15/33 3,401ft x 100ft

KGYY – Gary Chicago Intl
12/30 6,995ft x 150ft
02/20 3,614ft x 100ft

KJVL – Southern Wisconsin Rgnl
14/32 7,295ft x 150ft
04/22 6,698ft x 150ft
18/36 5,006ft x 75ft

KMDW – Chicago Midway Intl
04R/22L 6,446ft x 150ft
04L/22R 5,507ft x 150ft
13L/31R 5,139ft x 150ft
13R/31L 3,858ft x 59ft
13C/31C 6,517ft x 150ft

KUGN – Waukegan Rgnl
05/23 5,995ft x 150ft
14/32 3,751ft x 150ft

Class Delta

KCGX – Chicago Meigs
18/36 3,899ft x 150ft

KENW -Kenosha Rgnl
07L/25R 5,492ft x 100ft
15/33 4,438ft x 100ft
07R/25L 3,297ft x 75ft

KPWK – Chicago Executive
16/34 5,004ft x 150ft
12/30 4,408ft x 75ft
06/24 3,654ft x 50ft

Denver, CO

Class Bravo

KAPA – Centennial
17L/35R 10,016ft x 100ft
17R/35L 7,014ft x 77ft
10/28 4,789ft x 75ft

KBKF – Buckley Afb
14/32 11,015ft x 150ft

KCOS – Colorado Springs Municipal
35R/17L 13,522ft x 150ft
35L/17R 11,039ft x 150ft
13/31 8,266ft x 150ft

KDEN – Denver Intl
34L/16R 16,024ft x 200ft
34R/16L 12,016ft x 150ft
35L/17R 12,007ft x 150ft
35R/17L 12,017ft x 150ft
07/25 11,974ft x 150ft
08/26 11,969ft x 150ft

KPUB – Pueblo Memorial
17/35 8,328ft x 150ft
08R/26L 10,472ft x 150ft
08L/26R 4,676ft x 75ft

Class Charlie

KASE – Aspen Pitkin Co Sardy Fld
15/33 7,931ft x 100ft
TAF: B757, A321

KBJC – Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport
12L/30R 8,998ft x 98ft
12R/30L 6,992ft x 75ft
03/21 3,600ft x 75ft

KEGE – Eagle County Regional
07/25 8,986ft x 150ft
TAF: B757, A321

KFTG – Front Range
08/26 8,008ft x 97ft
35/17 8,014ft x 97ft

Class Delta

KAFF – USAF Academy Field
16C/34C 4,504ft x 75ft
16R/34L 4,503ft x 39ft
16L/34R 3,503ft x 75ft
08/26 2,523ft x 75ft

KFCS – Butts Aaf
13/31 4,933ft x 75ft
04/22 2,307ft x 74ft


Class Bravo

PHKO – Kona Intl At Keahole
35/17 11,460ft x 145ft

PHNL – Honolulu Intl
08L/26R 12,283ft x 150ft
08R/26L 11,983ft x 200ft
04R/22L 9,008ft x 150ft
04L/22R 6,953ft x 150ft

PHTO – Hilo Intl
08/26 1,299ft x 150ft
03/21 5,632ft x 150ft

Class Charlie

PHJR – Kalaeloa
04R/22L 8,009ft x 200ft
11/29 6,009ft x 200ft
04L/22R 4,502ft x 200ft

PHNG – Kaneohe Bay Mcaf
04/22 7,781ft x 150ft

PHOG – Kahului International
02/20 7,000ft x 150ft
05/23 4,992ft x 150ft

Class Delta

PHHI – Wheeler Aaf
06/24 5,541ft x 295ft

PHMK – Molokai
05/23 4,504ft x 100ft
17/35 3,129ft x 100ft

PHMU – Waimea Kohala
04/22 5,206ft x 100ft

PHNP – [x] Ford Island Nalf
04/22 4,334ft x 150ft

PHNY – Lanai
03/21 5,012ft x 150ft

PHSF – Bradshaw Aaf
09/27 4,778ft x 98ft


Class Bravo

EGBB – Birmingham
15/33 10,057ft x 150ft

EGDM – Mod Boscombe Down
05/23 10,338ft x 147ft
17/35 6,333ft x 147ft

EGKK – London Gatwick
08R/26L 10,859ft x 147ft
08L/26R 8,326ft x 147ft

EGLL – London Heathrow
09L/27R 12,765ft x 164ft
09R/27L 11,970ft x 164ft

EGNX – East Midlands
09/27 9,462ft x 150ft

EGSS – London Stansted
04/22 10,011ft x 150ft

EGVA – Raf Fairford
09/27 9,962ft x 200ft

EGVN – Raf Brize Norton
08/26 10,016ft x 183ft

Class Charlie

EG74 – Bruntingthorpe
06/24 9,714ft x 197ft

EGBE – Coventry
05/23 5,962ft x 150ft

EGGW – London Luton
08/26 7,066ft x 150ft

EGHH – Bournemouth
08/26 7,440ft x 150ft

EGHI – Southampton
02/20 5,651ft x 120ft

EGKB – Biggin Hill
03/21 5,914ft x 147ft
11/29 2,578ft x 58ft

EGLF – Farmborough
06/24 7,989ft x 150ft

EGLJ – Chalgrove
18/36 4,410ft x 150
06/24 4,205ft x 150
13/31 5,889ft x 150

EGMC – London Southend
05/23 6,511ft x 120ft

EGSC – Cambridge
10/28 2,291ft x 114ft
05R/23L 2,949ft x 114ft
05/23 6,432ft x 147ft

EGSX – North Weald
02/20 6,128ft x 147ft
13/31 2,006ft x 114ft

EGTC – Cranfield
03/21 5,888ft x 150ft
18/36 2,024ft x 58ft
03L/21R 985ft x 79ft
18L/36R 982ft x 79ft

EGUB – Raf Benson
01/19 5,974ft x 150ft

EGUL – Raf Lakenheath
06/24 8,979ft x 150ft

EGUW – Raf Wattisham
05/23 7,973ft x 150ft

EGVO – Raf Odiham
09/27 6,009ft x 147ft

EGXH – Raf Honington
09/27 8,985ft x 200ft

EGXJ – Raf Cottesmore
04/22 8,988ft x 197ft

EGXT – Raf Witerring
08/26 8,911ft x 200ft

EGYE – Raf Barkston Heath
18/36 2,723ft x 164ft
06/24 5,994ft x 150ft
11/29 4,257ft x 150ft

EGYM – Raf Marham
06/24 9,110ft x 200ft
01/19 5,895ft x 144ft

Class Delta

EGBG – Leicester
15/33 1,636ft x 58ft
04/22 1,612ft x 58ft
05/23 1,156ft x 124ft
15L/33R 1,387ft x 97ft
10/28 3,055ft x 97ft

EGBN – Nottingham
09/27 2,840ft x 97ft
03/21 2,770ft x 75ft

EGTB – Turweston Aerodome
07/25 2,389ft x 75ft
17/35 2,309ft x 97ft
07R/25L 2,065ft x 75ft

EGBW – Wellesbourne Mountford
18/36 2,991ft x 75ft
05/23 1,913ft x 58ft

EGDL – [x] Raf Lyneham
12/30 1,788 ft x 59ft
06/24 2,538ft x 59ft

EGHJ – Bembridge
12/30 2,729ft x 75ft

EGHL – Lasham
09/27 5,492ft x 131ft

EGHN – Sandown
05/23 2,899ft x 137ft

EGHO – Thruxton
07/25 3,180ft x 75ft
13/31 2,484ft x 102ft

EGKA – Shoreham
02/20 3,402ft x 59ft
07/25 2,880ft x 164ft
13/31 1,339ft x 59ft

EGKH – Lashenden Headcorn
10/28 2,807ft x 97ft
03/21 928ft x 66ft

EGKR – Redhill
08R/26L 2,934ft x 97ft
01/19 2,788ft x 81ft
08L/26R 2,234ft x 75ft
17/35 533ft x 58ft

EGLC – London City
09/27 4,930ft x 97ft

EGLD – Denham
12/30 1,788ft x 59ft
06/24 2,538ft x 59ft

EGLG – Panshanger
11/29 3,201ft x 85ft

EGLK – Blackbushe
07/25 4,423ft x 150ft

EGLM – White Waltham
07/25 3,647ft x 147ft
03/21 3,375ft x 147ft
11/29 3,044ft x 97ft

EGLS – Old Sarum
06/24 2,563ft x 164ft

EGMD – Lydd
03/21 4,928ft x 104ft

EGSF – Peterborough Conington
28/10 3,186ft x 75ft

EGSG – Stapleford
04L/22R 2,962ft x 97ft
04C/22C 1,955ft x 58ft
04R/22L 3,655ft x 150ft
10/28 2,299ft x 150ft

EGSL – Andrewsfield
09R/27L 2,350ft x 58ft
09L/27R 2,350ft x 58ft

EGSP – Peterborough Sibson
15/33 1,398ft x 58ft
6/24 3,077ft x 97ft
07/25 2,305ft x 97ft

EGSR – Earls Colne
06/24 3,299ft x 97ft

EGSU – Duxford
06/24 4,740ft x 154ft
06L/24R 2,887ft x 81ft

EGBT – Wycombe Air Park
09/27 2,622ft x 58
06/24 1,465ft x 97ft

EGTF – Fairoaks
06/24 2,617ft x 89ft

EGTK – Oxford Kidlington
01/19 4,940ft x 97ft
11/29 2,489ft x 91ft
03/21 3,466ft x 154ft
09/27 2,781ft x 147ft

EGVP – Aac Middle Wallop
08/26 3,600ft x 147ft
04/22 967ft x 85ft
17/35 3,894ft x 147ft

EGWN – Raf Halton
02/20 3,903ft x 137ft
08/26 2,824ft x 137ft

EGWU – Raf Northolt
07/25 5,531ft x 150ft

New York:

Class Bravo

KEWR – Newark Liberty Intl
04L/22R 11,008ft x 150ft
04R/22L 10,009ft x 150ft
11/29 6,788 ft x 150ft

KJFK – John F Kennedy Intl
13R/31L 14,491ft x 196ft
13L/31R 9,991ft x 146ft
4R/22L 8,402ft x 197ft
4L/22R 10,249ft x 146ft

KSWF – Stewart
09/27 11,798ft x 150ft
16/34 6,007ft x 150ft

KWRI – Mcguire Afb
06/24 9,997ft x 200ft
18/36 7,136ft x 150ft

Class Charlie

KFRG – Republic
14/32 6,831ft x 150ft
01/19 5,532fft x 150ft

KHPN – Westchester Co
11/29 4,441ft x 150ft
16/34 6,551ft x 150ft

KISP – Long Island Mac Arthur
06/24 7,004ft x 150ft
15R/33L 5,184ft x 150ft
10/28 5,022ft x 150ft
15L/33R 3,172ft x 75ft

KLGA – La Guardia
04/22 7,005ft x 150ft
13/31 6,993ft x 150ft

KMMU – Morristown Municipal Airport
05/23 6,013ft x 143ft
13/31 3,936ft x 160ft

KOXC – Waterbury Oxford
18/36 5,809ft x 100ft

KTEB – Teterboro
01/19 7,010ft x 150ft
06/24 6,010ft x 150ft

KTTN – Trenton Mercer
06/24 6,004ft x 150ft
16/34 4,903ft x 150ft

Class Delta

KBDR – Igor I Sikorsky Mem
11/29 4,750ft x 150ft
06/24 4,676ft x 150ft
17/35 3,391ft x 150ft

KCDW – Essex County
04/22 4,580ft x 81ft
10/28 3,701ft x 81ft

KDXR – Danbury
08/26 4,413ft x 150ft
17/35 3,137ft x 97ft

KNEL – Lakehurst Naes
15/33 5,000ft x 150ft
06/24 4,999ft x 150ft

KPOU – Dutchess County
06/24 4,999ft x 97ft
15/33 2,744ft x 97ft
07/25 1,359ft x 97ft

Oshkosh, WI

Class Bravo

¬None at this time

Class Charlie

KATW – Appleton International
03/21 8,004ft x 150ft
12/30 6,489ft x 150ft

KGRB – Austin Straubel Intl
18/36 8,206ft x 150ft
06/24 7,687ft x 150ft
12/30 3,193ft x 75ft

KOSH – Wittman Rgnl
36/18 8,011ft x 150ft
09/27 6,163ft x 150ft
05/23 3,694ft x 75ft
13/31 3,306ft x 75ft

KUES – Waukesha Co
10/28 5,837ft x 97ft
36/18 3,602ft x 75ft

Class Delta

KMWC – Lawrence J Timmerman
15L/33R 4,104ft x 75ft
04L/22R 3,201ft x 75ft
15R/33L 3,261ft x 268ft
04R/22L 2,855ft x 266ft

Paris, France:

Class Bravo

LFOA – Avord
06/24 11,471ft x 147ft
05/23 5,084ft x 200ft

LFOE – Fauville
04/22 9,836ft x 147ft

LFPB – Paris Le Bourget
09/27 6,059ft x 147ft
07/25 9,852ft x 179ft
03/21 8,751ft x 197ft

LFPG – Paris Charles De Gaulle
08L/26R 13,800ft x 147ft
09L/27R 8,835ft x 197ft
08R/26L 8,840ft x 197ft
09R/27L 13,743ft x 147ft

LFPO – Paris City
06/24 11,952ft x 147ft
08/26 10,868ft x 147ft
02/20 7,873ft x 197ft

Class Charlie

LFOB – Beauvais-Tille
12/30 7,956ft x 147ft
04/22 2,936ft x 98ft

LFOC – Chateaudun AB
10/28 7,532ft x 147ft

LFOJ – Bricy Air Base
03/21 2,914ft x 253ft
07/25 7,872ft x 164ft

LFPC – Creil Ab
07/25 7,853ft x 164ft

LFPM – Melun Villaroche
10/28 6,455ft x 147ft
01/19 4,264ft x 97ft

LFPV – Velizy
09/27 5,919ft x 147ft

Class Delta

LFFE – Enghien Moisselles
06/24 2,366ft x 262ft

LFLA – Auxerre Branches
01/19 5,419ft x 97ft

LFLD – Bourges
06/24 5,074ft x 147ft

LFOP – Rouen Vallee De La Seine
04/22 5,576ft x 147ft

LFOQ – Blois Le Breuil
12/30 3,909ft x 97ft

LFOZ – Orleans Saint Denis
05/23 4,555ft x 97ft
05L/23R 4,553ft x 97ft
05R/23L 3,482ft x 262ft

LFPN – Toussus -Le-Noble
07L/25R 3,670ft x 97ft
07R/25L 3,417ft x 97ft

LFPT – Pontoise Cormeilles En Vexin
05/23 5,535ft x 164ft
12/20 5,402ft x 164ft

LFPZ – Saint Cyr L’ecole
12R/30L 2,832ft x 188ft
12L/30R 2,906ft x 320ft
11/29 541ft x 98

LFPX – Chavenay Villepreux
05R/23 2,685ft x 197ft
10/28L 2,291ft x 262ft

San Francisco:

Class Bravo

KNUQ – Moffett Federal Afld
14L/32R 9,374ft x 200ft
14R/32L 8,081ft x 200ft

KOAK – Metro Oakland Intl
12/30 9,996ft x 150ft
10R/28L 6,202ft x 150ft
10L/28R 5,445ft x 150ft
15/33 3,377ft x 75ft

KSCK – Stockton Metropolitan
11L/29R 10,646ft x 150ft
11R/29L 4,399ft x 75ft

KSFO – San Francisco Intl
10L/28R 11,882ft x 200ft
10R/28L 11,392ft x 200ft
01R/19L 8,660ft x 200ft
01L/19R 7,509ft x 200

KSJC – San Jose Norman Y Mineta Intl
12R/30L 11,004ft x 150ft
12L/30R 11,003ft x 15ft

Class Charlie

KHWD – Hayward Executive
10R/28L 5,688ft x 150ft
10L/28R 3,103ft x 75ft

Class Delta

KCCR – Buchanan Field
01L/19R 5,006ft x 150ft
14L/32R 4,607ft x 150ft
14R/32L 2,803ft x 75ft
01R/19L 2,773ft x 75ft

KLVK – Livermore Muni
07L/25R 5,241ft x 97ft
07R/25L 2,694ft x 75ft

KPAO – Palo Alto
13/31 2,662ft x 75ft

KRHV – Reid Hillview Of Santa Clara Co
13L/31R 2,998ft x 75ft
13R/31L 3,006ft x 75ft

KSQL – San Carlos
12/30 2,618ft x 75ft

Seattle, WA:

Class Bravo

KBFI – Boeing Field King Co Intl
13L/31R 3,708ft x 100ft
13R/31L 9,997ft x 200ft

KPAE – Snohomish Co
16L/34R 3,004ft x 75ft
11/29 3,907ft x 75ft
16R/34L 9,407ft x 150ft

KPDX – Portland Intl
10L/28R 9,813ft x 50ft
10R/28L 10,982ft x 147ft
03/21 6,006ft x 147ft

KSEA – Seattle Tacoma Intl
34R/16L 11,905ft x 150ft
34C/16C 9,428ft x 150ft
34L/16R 8,503ft x 150ft

KTCM – Mc Chord Afb
16L/34R 10,105ft x 150ft
16R/34L 3,309ft x 60ft

Class Charlie

KGRF – Gary Aaf
15/33 6,126ft x 208ft

KHIO – Portland Hillsboro
13/31 6,534ft x 150ft
02/20 3,828ft x 97ft

Class Delta

KOLM – Olympia
35/17 5,503ft x 150ft
08/26 4,148ft x 150ft

KRNT – Renton Muni
16/34 5,391ft x 200ft

KTIW – Tacoma Narrows
35/17 5,004ft x 150ft

KTTD – Portland Troutdale
07/25 5,386ft x 150ft

Singapore & Kuala Lumpur

Class Bravo

WIDD – Batam Hang Nadim
04/22 13,294ft x 147ft

WMKJ – Senai Intl – Sultan Ismail
16/34 12,602ft x 150ft

WMKK – Kuala Lumpur Intl – Sepang
15/33 13,113ft x 192ft
14R/32L 13,364ft x 197ft
14L/32R 13,584ft x 197ft

WSAP – Singapore Paya Lebar Aero
03/21 5,243ft x 150ft
02/20 14,542ft x 200ft

WSSS – Singapore Changi
02C/20C 13,198ft x 197ft
02L/20R 13,190ft x 197ft

Class Charlie

WIBD – Dumai Pinang Kampai
03/21 6,357ft x 97ft

WSAG – Sembawang
04/22 8,389ft x 150ft
05/23 3,409ft x 100ft

WSAT – Tengah
36/18 9,067ft x 147ft
01/19 3,939ft x 108ft
36L/18R 1,154ft x 235ft

Class Delta

WIBT – Tanjung Balai Karimum/Seibati (Dgac)
09/27 2,938ft x 75ft

WMAP – Kluang
05/23 4,104ft x 120ft

WMBT – Pulau Tioman
02/20 3,270ft x 100ft

WMKM – Malacca
03/21 4,522ft x 120ft

WSSL – Seletar
03/21 5,243ft x 150ft

Southern California:

Class Bravo

KEDW – Edwards Afb Rogers Dry Lake
03/21 7,187ft x 300ft
04R/22L 15,002ft x 300ft (asphalt)
04C/22C 9,598ft x 300ft
04L/22R 11,980ft x 142ft (asphalt)
05R/23L 14,948ft x 300ft
05L/23R 22,143ft x 300ft
06C/24C 10,169ft x 210ft
06R/24L 6,978ft x 99ft (asphalt)
07/25 23,122ft x 300ft
09/27 9,998ft x 300ft
12/30 9,234ft x 600ft
15/33 29,587ft x 300ft
35/17 39,133ft x 900ft
36/18 23,177ft x 900ft

KLAX – Los Angeles Intl
07R/25L 11,076ft x 200ft
07L/25R 12,071ft x 150ft
06R/24L 10,264ft x 150ft
06L/24R 8,907ft x 150ft

KLGB – Long Beach/Daugherty Field
12/30 10,004ft x 200ft
07L/25R 6,180ft x 150ft
07R/25L 5,412ft x 150ft
16R/34L 4,481ft x 75ft
16L/34R 3,342ft x 75ft

KNKX – Miramar Mcas
06L/24R 11,988ft x 197ft
06R/24L 7,999ft x 196ft

KNUC – San Clemente Island Nalf
06/24 9,303ft x 180ft

KONT – Ontario Intl
08L/26R 12,176ft x 150ft
08R/26L 10,172ft x 150ft

KPMD – Palmdale USAF Plant 42 Airport
07/25 11,980ft x 150ft
04/22 11,998ft x 150ft

KPSP – Palms Springs Intl
13L/31R 4,958ft x 75ft
13R/31L 10,009ft x 150ft

KRIV – March AFB
14/32 13,320ft x 200ft
12/30 3,060ft x 97ft

KSAN – San Diego Intl
09/27 9,388ft x 200ft

KSBD – San Bernardino International
06/24 9,962ft x 179ft

KVCV – Southern California Logistics
17/35 15,089ft x 150ft
03/21 9,139ft x 150ft

MMTJ – Tijuana – General Alberlado L Rodriguez Intl
09/27 9,688ft x 143ft

Class Charlie

KBUR – Bob Hope
08/26 5,824ft x 150ft
15/33 6,961ft x 150ft

KCNO – Chino
08R/26L 6,987ft x 150ft
03/21 4,921ft x 150ft
08L/26R 4,848ft x 150ft

KNFG – Camp Pendleton Mcas
03/21 6,011ft x 200ft

KNXP – Twentynine Palms Eaf
10/28 8,005ft x 150ft

KNZY – North Island Nas
36/18 8,020ft x 200ft
11/29 7,498ft x 300ft

KSDM – Brown Fld Muni
08R/26L 4,885ft x 75ft
08L/26R 7,959ft x 150ft

KSLI – Los Alamitos Aaf
04R/22L 8,000ft x 200ft
04L/22R 5,910ft x 150ft

KSNA – Orange County – John Wayne
02L/20R 5,711ft x 150ft
02R/20L 2,891ft x 75ft

KVNY – Van Nuys
16R/34L 8,023ft x 150ft
16L/34R 4,024ft x 75ft

KWJF – General Wm J Fox Airfield
06/24 7,188ft x 150ft

Class Delta

KCRQ – Mc Clellan Palomar
06/24 4,953ft x 150ft

KEMT – El Monte
01/19 4,003ft x 75ft

KFUL – Fullerton Muni
06/24 3,113ft x 75ft

KHHR – Jack Northrop Fld Hawthrone Muni
07/25 4,959ft x 97ft

KMYF – Montgomery Fld
10L/28R 4,581ft x 150ft
10R/28L 3,404ft x 58ft
05/23 3,403ft x 150ft

KNRS – Imperial Beach
09/27 5,001ft x 335ft
08/26 2,242ft x 150ft

KOKB – Oceanside Muni
06/24 3,065ft x 75ft

KPOC – Brackett Field
08R/26L 4,823ft x 75ft
08L/26R 3,653ft x 75ft

KRAL – Riverside Muni
09/27 5,392ft x 97ft
16/34 2,858ft x 49ft

KRNM – Ramona
09/27 5,006ft x 150ft

KSEE - Gillespie Field
09L/27R 5,333ft x 97ft
17/35 4,158ft x 97ft
09R/27L 2,734ft x 58ft

KSMO – Santa Monica Muni
03/21 4,977ft x 150ft

KTOA – Torrance/Zamperini Field
11L/29R 5,025ft x 150ft
11R/29L 3,013ft x 75ft

KWHP – Whiteman
12/30 4,163ft x 75ft

South Florida:

Class Bravo

KHST – Homestead AFB
05/23 11,210ft x 300ft

KMCF – Macdill AFB
04/22 11,437ft x 150ft

KMIA – Miami Intl
09/27 12,982ft x 150ft
08R/26L 10,488ft x 200ft
08L/26R 8,589ft x 150ft
12/30 9,355ft x 150ft

KPBI – Palm Beach Intl
10L/28R 9,992ft x 150ft
14/32 6,939ft x 150ft
10R/28L 3,210ft x 75ft

KPIE – St. Petersburg Clearwater Intl
18L/36R 9,764ft x 150ft
04/22 5,908ft x 150ft
09/27 5,154ft x 150ft
18R/36L 4,014ft x 75ft

KRSW – Southwest Florida Intl
05/23 12,002ft x 164ft

KSRQ – Sarasota Bradenton Intl
14/32 9,510ft x 150ft
04/22 5,019ft x 150ft

KTPA – Tampa Intl
01L/19R 11,042ft x 150ft
01R/19L 8,368ft x 150ft
10/28 6,989ft x 150ft

Class Charlie

06FA – William P Gwinn
09/27 6,991ft x 150ft

KBCT – Boca Raton
05/23 6,284ft x 150ft
05/23 6,284ft x 150ft

KFLL – Fort Lauderdale Hollywood Intl
10L/28R 7,802ft x 150ft
10R/28L 7,985ft x 150ft

KFMY – Page Field
05/23 6,412ft x 150ft
13/31 4,915ft x 150ft

KFPR – St. Lucie Co Intl
10L/28R 3,993ft x 75ft
14/32 4,761ft x 98ft
10R/28L 6,485ft x 150ft

KFXE – Fort Lauderdale Executive
08/26 5,991ft x 100ft
13/31 4,002ft x 100ft

KLAL – Lakeland Linder Rgnl
09/27 8,486ft x 150ft
05/23 5,005ft x 150ft

KOPF - Opa Locka
09L/27R 7,990ft x 150ft
12/30 6,799ft x 150ft
09R/27L 4,301ft x 97ft

KPGD – Punta Gorda
04/22 7,211ft x 150ft
15/33 5,708ft x 150ft
09/27 2,639ft x 58ft

KSUA – Witham Fld
12/30 5,834ft x 100ft
16/34 5,190ft x 100ft
07/25 4,749ft x 100ft

KTMB – Miami Executive Airport
09L/27R 5,007ft x 150ft
09R/27L 6,005ft x 150ft
13/31 4,005ft x 150ft

KVRB – Vero Beach Municipal
11L/29R 3,506ft x 75ft
4/22 4,978ft x 97ft
11R/29L 7,322ft x 97ft

Class Delta

KAPF – Naples Muni
04/23 5,296ft x 150ft
14/32 5,005ft x 100ft
05L/23R 1,831ft x 100ft

KBOW – Bartow Muni
09L/27R 4,989ft x 150ft
09R/27L 4,393ft x 150ft
05/23 5,007ft x 98ft

KHWO – North Perry
01L/19R 3,352ft x 100ft
01R/19L 3,263ft x 100ft
10R/28L 2,787ft x 100ft
10L/28R 2,997ft x 100ft

KPMP – Pompano Beach Airpark
15/33 4,082ft x 150ft
06/24 4,002ft x 150ft
10/28 3,497ft x 100ft

KSPG – Albert Whitted
17/35 2,875ft x 147ft
06/24 3,678ft x 82ft

Sydney, Australia

Class Bravo

YSCB – Canberra
35/17 10,794ft x 147ft
12/30 5,509ft x 147ft

YSSY – Sydney Kingsford Smith Intl
16L/34R 8,017ft x 147ft
07/25 8,315ft x 147ft
16R/34L 13,030ft x 147ft

Class Charlie

YSNW – Nowra Military
08/26 6,591ft x 147ft
03/21 6,870ft x 147ft

YSRI – Richmond (Nsw)
10/28 7,000ft x 150ft

Class Delta

YGDO – Gundaroo
18/36 3,613ft x 43ft
09/29 1,384ft x 91ft

YPEC – Aeropelican
07/25 2,869ft x 43ft

YSBK – Bankstown
12/30 3,409ft x 75ft
11C/29C 4,648ft x 98ft
11L/29R 3,611ft x 98ft

YSCN – Camden
06/24 4,802ft x 97ft
10/28 2,367ft x 98ft

YWBN – Wedderburn
17/35 3,207ft x 49ft

YWIO – Wilton
15/33 2,537ft x 164ft
18/36 3,114ft x 29ft

YWVA – Warnervale
02/20 2,849ft x 20ft


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