Aircraft / Airport Restrictions (Training/Expert)

Hello. Here’s my feature request!

Well, it gave me an idea.
Why not have an Airport Restrictions like at EGLC, no A380.

From my thoughts, it will be like this.

“Sorry, but the airport you choose cannot accommodate this aircraft. It can accommodate only planes that are at the longer of a B737-800 or shorter.”

Or a warning message if a gate that cannot accommodate A380 like (GA GATE NEXT TO THE RUNWAY OR MAINTENANCE APRON)

Plus the spawn inability.

Casual will be not affected by the warnings and inability to spawn as @BigBert10 got a big point. Please refer to the Feedback section

“warning : The gate you have chosen cannot stand the airplane you choose. You can spawn here in anything shorter or at the length of a CRJ-1000”

New idea
When choosing your airplane : There’s will be a cross at the right of the airplanes that can’t be chosen for the gate currently assigned.

It will enforce realistic planes positions.
Tell me what you think!

Feedback :

Well. I’m gonna add on the topic that warning will be only on casual if this get implemented.

I think I’m gonna delete the warning part. You got a big point here.

Nice idea! It kind of exist in Infinite Flight already but it is very basic.


Glad you like the idea. I wanna make IF a little bit more realistic.

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I’d like it more if it just didn’t allow you to spawn at all, rather then a warning.


It was two ideas if this get implemented. But I way prefer the inability to spawn than warning.
Maybe the warning should be only on casual?

I’d prefer that, yeah. People can and have ignored warnings.

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What happens if I were to spawn on casual at EGLL in an A380 and do a short hop over to EGLC???


Not a bad idea.

I’d also force the ‘’Heavy’’ and ‘’Super’’ to proper aircrafts while we’re at it…

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My point being:

I would agree to have aircraft/airport restrictions, but NOT on the Casual Server. The casual server is a place where one goes to break free from the rules and have fun. That’s the server where I try to fly to space and goof off at KNUC and KLAX.

It’s where I can feel free from expert server rules. I’d rather not have any restrictions on the casual servers, not even TFRs because it just takes away from the fun that is the casual server.

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I really like this, saves us saying “aircraft is to big for this airport”.
Unfortunately I’m out of votes, but I’ll look through them and see if I can sacrafice one :)

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I understand your point. Gonna update the thread as I wanted the warning to be only on casual but be able to spawn anyways.

Glad you like the idea!

It bothers me too!

Not to offend but the training server is kinda of the newbie troll server it would make more sense for it to be on the expert server were things are enforced and professional

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Not so much anymore and there’s no reason why it can’t be improved. :)


I made it for TS to improve realism, TS can and will be better if we implement different features that ensure realism actions of pilots and ATC.
Trying to improve the game :)

Added a new idea here! Don’t forget to tell me what you think!

Bumping this :) #MakeTS1GreatAgain

@Nono45_FR if you read the 19.1 they said they were bringing out gate restrictions

Oh… Didn’t saw that :) Thanks. So I imagine delete your votes #added