Aircraft Age

Is there any free way to check the age of an aircraft? If so can you please tell me about it or link it down below :)

Flightradar24 gives the ages of all aircraft

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You need a subscription for that though :)

Which I pay for, but can be a pain for other users.

I simply would type the registration on google and you will get the result.

See this site:


Yeah I think it’s a pretty cheap subscription I could be wrong though

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Yes. I am looking for a free way :)

Thanks this is what I was looking for

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@Aviation3. NaxSez: Try:


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Yeah that is a very good website. Shows country of registration, age of the aircraft, latest deliveries, and even photos if they are available. Overall it’s a really cool site.


Yup! Lots of good info and pictures. I low-key just browse through an entire airline’s fleet when I’m really bored lol

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Thanks Max I’ll check it out!

I’ll be sure to check it out thanks for the suggestion

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And it gives you its status. (Active,stored,scrapped)

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