Aircraft Accidents Severity Guidelines

It seems now that when an accident is posted #real-world-aviation everyone just wants it closed for being too small of an event. Maybe not like a sick passenger divert or a weather divert but something like a flaps promblem or a plane over running a runway is sometimes better see on here. If an accident happens in Thailand (overrunning the runway) and people from the community there see it and post it the word may not have traveled this far yet so people in the US may get a first look.

My point

Not all accidents have to be closed now because you think it small

Have it where like the #live:events has a format but instead put like

Events to Post: Crash Landing, Water Landing and etc.

Events not to post: weather divert, sick passenger divert and etc.

This way people know to stay away from posting some accidents and people know if there topic is ok to post

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