Aircraft Accidents Severity Guidelines

Some of you may have noticed the closing of a fairly large number of aviation accident related topics. Often times, with the explanation that this is a minor accident, they happen everyday, etc. I was wondering if the community would he interested in the creation of clear guidelines that specify exactly what a “small aviation accident” consists of.
Let me know your thoughts in the poll and in the comments down below.

  • Yes we need clear guidelines that state what a small accident is
  • No, it should be moderators discretion

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Compared they happen everyday, there is really no need to post them. Everyone (or most everyone) has access to Google and can look them up. The forum isn’t a news source for these reports. If everyone of them was posted, it would clog the forun


It depend on certain events, personally I think if the mods have a question about an event they should ask a real world pilot their thoughts (Some one who has experience in the industry) and get their opinions before closing a post down.


The moderators usually discuss when there is a questionable incident as not all of them can be put in the same box. Blown tire with no issue is different from a blown tire that causes a crash. What we don’t want to do it put an arbitrary number on casualty counts as 1) its just not right 2) where do you draw the line. The same with size, seats, etc. Use your best judgement and we will step in where needed.


We know the rules. The topic was about if we should make clearer guidelines for posting such incidents.


There are plans to tidy up some of the descriptions of categories.


Is it worthwhile to discuss such topics on IF forums, maybe not. If you crash in IF you just restart, in real life it’s a permanent mistake or accident. I think it would be interesting to discuss these so long as they are done properly, sticking to the Crew Resource Managment (CRM) skills and the Threat and Error Managment (TEM)model. During investigations the information is privileged but is available after the investigation on FAA and NTSB web archives (countries other then USA have similar archives). I think it would fit best under the “real world aviation” category. I’m all for discussing such topics and could provide a few case studies I have presented in the past.


If the incident is “large scale” most of us are probably aware of the situation already.
I believe it would be nice to have some clearer guidelines. In addition. I have some ideas we could implement to help this situation.

• Maybe we could have a #real-world-aviation ”moderator” who could check with you before you post a topic about a aviation incident. This could be used if you have any doubt about creating a new topic.

• This idea is a little more far-feched but we could have a “team” who’s job on the IFC is to post about aviation incidents so we could eliminate the issue all together.

• I think it’s ok if you post about a minor incident if you have some “first hand account” of it. For instance, You record an emergency landing of a GA aircraft at your home airport. I am sure it would be okay as people would enjoy to watch and hear the personal experience from a fellow IFC member.

• This isn’t really an issue for me because I’m never quick enough to post about an incident on the IFC anyways, but I see how it could affect others 🙂


It seems now that when an accident is posted #real-world-aviation everyone just wants it closed for being too small of an event. Maybe not like a sick passenger divert or a weather divert but something like a flaps promblem or a plane over running a runway is sometimes better see on here. If an accident happens in Thailand (overrunning the runway) and people from the community there see it and post it the word may not have traveled this far yet so people in the US may get a first look.

My point

Not all accidents have to be closed now because you think it small

Have it where like the #live:events has a format but instead put like

Events to Post: Crash Landing, Water Landing and etc.

Events not to post: weather divert, sick passenger divert and etc.

This way people know to stay away from posting some accidents and people know if there topic is ok to post

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I would prefer if we could just follow the moderators descretion as if we make a decision this might affect the future of Infinite Flight. Mainly it would be better if they clearly explain what a minor accident.


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I think a specific and clear set of guidelines would be really helpful and would reduce the amount of repeated generic questions about the issue that is experienced on a daily basis.


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