Aircraft accidents/incidents that you or someone you know have been in.

This topic might be sad, but if it disturbs some of you then I can make this only about incidents that they’ve survived. I have checked for duplicates, but the word ‘accidents’ is used so much on this forum that it was hard to check. I have a story: My aunt was flying in a plane, then the pilot made an announcement, and I quote, ‘the engine has disintegrated’ or something like that. They made an emergency landing, and I wasn’t able to find anything on this online, because she doesn’t remember much.

Ehh, I don’t see why we need this, but you can tell me why we need this.

Edit: As @Balloonchaser said, some people are traumatized, and their a little scared on sharing their story.

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Maybe it’s better that we don’t have a topic like this… People who were in one are usually traumatized and it’s just not worth it… Also, I’m pretty sure that nobody here was in one


Unacceptable and unneeded. There are plenty of NTSB and other organizational reports detailing accidents and incidents. Start there

Yeah so I will have this poll:

  • Keep
  • Don’t keep

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I do recall someone here being on the Qantas Flight 32…

I think it was @Georges180305

Yep it was him!

It might be better to give those involved in accidents some privacy. Some might be traumatized or don’t want to relive the incident like @Balloonchaser said. If the Mods want to keep this topic, then fine, but don’t expect 100+ replies on people talking about their worst nightmare.


Anyways, we had a small engine failure on AA1346 KCLT-TNCA

Yeah,maybe. You don’t have too, but if you want to then you can.

If those involved in accidents want privacy, they don’t have to respond to this thread. It’s simple. If they want to talk about their aviation experiences, let them.