Aircraft 380 tilts upon landing

Device: iPad Air 5

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This could be if there is a hard sidewind. Was this in solo or multiplayer? What was the airport? What was the weather like at that moment? Did you calibrate when on the runway?

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If your ailerons aren’t neutral in the A380, you will tilt. It needs virtually zero aileron correction into the wind on takeoff and rollout for crosswind landings. Just use your rudder, and if the wind is still lifting your wing up, add a tiny tiny bit of aileron deflection.

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@ToasterStroodie I disagree. It’s ailerons into the wind on a crosswind ground roll otherwise you will tilt. Though the among of tilt you have looks like it may be a bit more, perhaps caused by lateral movement, that can’t be entirely assessed without a video

Bit of an unfair statement regarding landing since the A380 ailerons are used as ground spoilers on landing. They can still vary their position to assist roll control on the ground though.

That said, considering the size of that tail and the height of the fuselage, I’d be absolutely shocked if there wasn’t a need to input aileron into wind during takeoff and landing rolls.

Come to think of it, one place in which he may be correct is in real life - the Airbus sidestick works on demanding a rate of change of the attitude in the axis the sidestick is moved in.

To that end, holding the stick neutral would be the correct action for takeoff and landing, as is the SOP in the real aircraft (so far as I’m aware, though please correct me if I’m wrong). Holding the stick neutral in the roll axis suggests a command of ‘no change to roll attitude’, and thus the FBW computers will automatically change the aileron positions to maintain wings level. That would make sense.

However, I think what @ToasterStroodie is forgetting is that FBW is not simulated in Infinite Flight, so we effectively have to fly the Airbus aircraft “as Boeings”, so to speak, or as if they’re in direct law. For now, at least.

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You’d be surprised. We spoke with real life A380 captains when reworking this aircraft, who asserted that no aileron input is needed, nor is it automated by the plane on takeoff or landing. Flying a big jet isn’t like flying a light aircraft or bizjet. In the IF model, we’ve tested with near 40kt direct crosswinds and found that almost no aileron input is necessary to counteract it.

The A380 only tilts if you apply aileron on the ground at speed. We tested this too many times to count in beta.

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Wow, that’s fascinating! I’d love to know why that is the case - perhaps just due to the weight of the aircraft?

I agree with what you’re saying up to a point, but don’t forget that 737s and 787s still require aileron into wind (according to actual pilots of them anyway, I haven’t personally flown either of them) so it depends on what you define as a big jet.

That being said, the A380 is a fascinating beast!