Aircalin Virtual Official Thread | New VA, New ambitions | 2022



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Aircalin Virtual was established on 7th September 2021 when CEO Ben Carr wanted to create a fun and enjoyable VA to showcase his home and close neighboring countries, Ben and his Staff members are hard-working and dedicated to opening up some of the most beautiful routes in Oceania, whether it be a short hop in the Dash 8 or a double long haul flight to Paris we’ll have a route for you!

Username Position at Aircalin Name
@Ben_C CEO Ben
@bielous26 COO Jack
@Infiniteflight2 Human Resources Manager Andy
N/A Head Of Internal Affairs N/A
@TheAviation_YT Event Manager N/A
@Lachlan_Stiller Social Media Manager Lachlan

We have different types of aircraft, which are capable of flying either a short scenic hop or a long haul across the world! Below you can see the fleet of our VA.

Our Fleet

Dash 8 Q400

Max passengers: 80
Max Range: 1100nm
Max Cruise Speed: 360kts

A330 Neo

Max passengers: 460
Max Range: 7200nm
Max Cruise Speed: 496kts

A320neo (A320-200 used instead for Infinite Flight)

Max passengers: 194
Max Range:3401nm
Max Cruise Speed: 454kts

Our Ranking System

Student Pilot

Hours: 0-15

Planes this rank can fly: ​Q400

The Student pilot is now an official pilot rank at Aircalin, your journey begins here.

Second Officer

Hours: 15-30

Planes this rank can fly: Q400

Second officers can now fly to greater distances

First Officer

Hours: 30-60

Planes this rank can fly: Q400, A320

As a first officer, you gain more respect in the VA. You are no longer seen as a new pilot.

Senior First Officer

Hours: 60-100

Planes this rank can fly: Q400, A320, A330 neo

As a Senior you are trusted and well-known around the VA and at events, you sometimes represent the VA.


Hours: 100-160

Planes this rank can fly: Q400, A320, A330 neo

As a Captain, you have flown multiple hours and you are starting to become a role model for other pilots.

Senior Captain

Hours: 160-230

Planes this rank can fly: Q400, A320, A330 neo

You can now fly all planes and you are very respected in the whole VA. Pilots look up to you and work hard to become like you.

Chief Pilot

Hours: 230+

​Planes this rank can fly: Q400, A320, A330 neo

To be a Chief Pilot takes responsibility, you have flown over 230 hours and now are seen as a leader in the VA. You can train pilots and help them start their journey with Aircalin VA.

Our Requirments

Over the age of 14
Grade 2 or higher
Active Infinite Flight Pro subscription
A valid Infinite Flight community account
A valid Discord Account
On good standing with the IFC and IFVARB
Is at least TL2 (Member) On IFC

Find the application on top of the thread

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Aircalin Virtual is used for fiction purposes and roleplaying purposes. Aircalin Virtual is not associated with the official Aircalin and we have no right to represent Aircalin publicly.


Beautiful Thread Ben! First to post :)


Thank you!

Lukas Wansley | COO | Aircalin Virtual


Very nice thread indeed, the banners and logos are stunning! Beautiful livery for a beautiful part of the world!


Wondeful thread, I’m proud of you @Ben_C and all the AirCalin Virtual team! 👏



Lukas Wansley | COO | Aircalin Virtual


Glad to be partners! Awesome thread! Super happy for you, Ben!

Noah Wills
CEO of @WhiteCloudVirtual


Ohhh grade two… I’m interested!!

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Great thread! I love the livery. Congrats

Thanks Noah, cant wait to fly our codeshares!

Hope so see you soon!

Thanks, we love the livery to!

Ben C | CEO | Aircalin Virtual

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Now Hiring Staff!

Aircalin Virtual is now hiring staff!

Our current staff list

Username Position at Aircalin Name
@Ben_C CEO Ben
@Hyperavation COO Lukas
@Infiniteflight2 Human Resources Manager Andy
N/A Head Of Internal Affairs N/A
N/A Event Manager N/A
N/A Pilot Instructor N/A
@bielous26 Routes manager Jack


Over the Age of 13
Grade 3 pilot or higher
An active and valid Infinite Flight pro subscription
Not on the ban or watchlist on the IFVARB
At least Trust Level 2 on IFC
Not a staff member in any other VA

Staff Application

For questions or concerns please contact us through this account

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Oceania on time


Might apply for staff. But I won’t be active every single day due to school

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That’s mostly fine! We’re flexible and as long as the management team believes you are doing enough work as a staff member, you’ll be fine!

Take a shot and apply!

Lukas Wansley | COO

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Oooh, congrats @Ben_C and the rest of the team!


Glad we finally are offical! Thanks to everyone that worked with us and helped us achive this goal!


You already know I’m joining

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Just applied for a staff position :D

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Awesome to hear! We’ll be looking into your application soon!

Lukas | COO

Me too aswell :D

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Yep! We’ve seen yours! You’ll get a pm within the next few hours!

Lukas | COO

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