Aircalin Adventure | Noumea to Singapore

Aircalin Adventure | Noumea to Singapore | 🌴🥥

Route: NWWW - WSSS
Flight Time: 08:04
Server: Expert

Climbing out of La Tontouta International Airport (NWWW) in Noumea, New Caledonia in the stunning Aircalin A330-900neo.

Leaving New Caledonian airspace as we head out over the pacific towards the East Coast of Australia as we climb to our initial cruising altitude of FL360.

Crossing the East Coast of Australia just above Cairns and The Great Barrier Reef as we begin to step climb to FL380.

Beginning our descent into Singapore Changi Airport as we deploy the flight spoilers to assist in bleeding off some speed.

Seconds from touchdown as the sun begins to set on a successful flight that covered a variety of country airspaces, landscapes and scenery. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Singapore!


Fantastic snaps! The Pacific has lots of great scenery to offer… as long as you’re close to land lol

Thanks so much. Yeah, there’s not much in Pacific unless land is in sight.


Amazing pics but the 4th one is beautiful and too good to avoid looking at again!

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Thanks so much mate. Glad you liked the pictures. The Aircalin livery is beautiful!


Amazing captures man hopefully you enjoyed the view of the Great Barrier Reef from 11km up.

Great shots, I actually saw you a few times whilst scouring infinite X haha, hope you had a good flight!

Nice photos!!

Great flight! I did this route a few weeks ago!