Airbus18’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @NA

Hey, really nice job. The only thing is I received a late exit runway command at 35kts. This is very minor and I know you were doing other more important stuff with tower.

I think you are more than ready to try this using parallel runways, if you’d feel comfortable doing so.

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Yeah actually yesterday i was using parallel rwy at sydney. There was a fly in event so i had a lot of planes

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I am back online

Feedback from N870BR

Approach @Syjalo

  • The downwind leg could be shorter for more efficient approach.
  • DNE 180kts on late base was not needed, if you don’t feel comfortable of giving intercept with speed higher, I recommend a earlier clearance.

Tower and Ground @Airbus18

  • Pattern instruction was not necessary when radar has already given a ILS approach clearance, simply give a landing clearance.

  • Missed exit runway instruction.

  • Go around instruction could be given earlier.

  • Sequence and clearances were flawless!

  • Nice re-sequence.

  • Nice transition

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I didnt kbow if you were landing or doing a touch and go

Can i ping you for future sessions? @guannlin

Will remember your advice for ils and ground thanks.

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Both ILS landing and touch and goes don’t need pattern instructions (With radar). Whatever, this will only be needed to memorise when you are controlling in Expert Server, it’s okay to just have a brief understand for now.

Yes feel free to ping me! I will come if I’m free

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First part the pattern went really well. I didn’t notice anything wrong. 2nd time was a little worse when I had recieved vectors and was switched to your frequency. I was then at right base and you told me to enter right downwind which threw me off completely and I started turning left to enter the downwind and then back into the final with a messed up approach. Everything else was fine though. A lot better than yesterday.

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HZ-VIP1 Feedback

No major issues Only the first request needs a pattern entry; that’s all. Good luck.

Thank you everyone for coming today. Really appreciate it.