Airbus18’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @NA

I am open at yssy currently.
@Random_AviatorYT @MAviationYT

K i can do some pattern work again

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I will also stop by for some pattern work

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infinite flight crashed ima clear my scenery cahche right quick

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@Airbus18 Real quick, you don’t give taxi instructions before someone has requested taxi. You have to wait for them to give the “ready to taxi”.


Will remember that.

Dont ask what happend lol

Sorry infinite lfight keeps crashing for idk reason

Ok. Here are my tips. Overall it was really good. Here are some errors though that happened.

  1. While i was landing you told me to exit right.
    When there are taxiways on both sides of the runway, you should say to exit runway when able instead of just right.
  2. While i was on the ground before i contacted tower you told me to contact tower. I was already instructed to contact tower in the taxi instructions.

You did really well with the go around instructions and when i needed to land. Just those 2 things i said and you will be amazing!

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Thanks a lot for these tips.

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Thank you @MAviationYT @Random_AviatorYT @Cactus3500 for coming. I really appreciate it. Let me know if there is anything i did wrong or could improve on. Thank you.

No problem. Just like me, you just need a small bit of practice


It went pretty well, few minor errors.

  1. As I mentioned before, you shouldn’t give taxi instructions out of the blue. Wait for the “ready to taxi” request first.
  2. You don’t need to give “contact tower” when we reach the runway for departure. When you gave the taxi instructions, it says “contact tower when ready”, which is the freq. change that you gave again.
  3. Runway change was good, but you did not give me a right/left traffic after it. Whenever you assign a new runway for a pattern, you must give a right or left traffic direction.
  4. You told me to turn base after that go around to fit me in before the other guy(which wouldn’t be possible) that was on final, but you did correct yourself and and told me to extend downwind, which is no problem then.
  5. You gave me the “maintain 180kt until 6m final” which wasn’t needed, there was plenty of space between the one landing in front of me.

Some additional notes:
Runway change went really well, keep it up.
That go around was a good call, we were likely going to collide in that intersecting landing.
You gave me “cleared for the option” after the go around when I was going for a landing, which is fine but should be “cleared to land”. You did give me it afterwards though which is good.

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Thanks for taking the effort to give me the tips and what i can improve. I hope to see you in ny future sessions. Thanks.

Yeah i gave that go around coz i knew the other plane could not be trusted and i felt bad for the go around hence i tried to fit you in but it was not possible.

I just had one question.

If i know youll are remaining in the pattern can i just starightaway give you cleared for the option or do i have to wait for you to announce position or announce landing?

Do i have to sequence you first or can i just give the cleared for the option and then give sequence?

I’ll join your ping list.

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Yes you can but if someone ask for callsign requesting land on whatever runway they are done with pattern work you can also call cleard for the option when they are on downwind

Just keep practicing and you will get better at it :)

When are youll free today. @Cactus3500 @MAviationYT @Random_AviatorYT @thatualavgeek

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