Airbus18’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @NA

Hi I am going to give my practical test for IFATC soon and I would like to have some practice before that. I will be Tower and ground at Toulouse Blagnac. Airport code-LFBO. I will be doing the event at 1200z if we get 3 people.I will have many events like this at similiar times so please reply if you are free. Let me know if you can come and I can ping you if I am open on any frequency.Thank you.

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I’d love to attend. Please use this thread to provide all the nescesarry information: A Guide To Creating An ATC Tracking Thread .

If you can give a date,a time and create an event others will be able to see if they can attend. This will massively improve your attendance rate from pilots.

I hope to see you in the team soon!


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Hi i went throught the guide and i have decided that i will be keeping the atc for this time at Toulouse Blagnac. Airport code-LFBO. I will be doing the session if we have 3 people. The time of the session will be today at 1200Z. I will be tower and ground. I hope youll can come and i will be having many more sessions like this. Thank you.

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Please put this in the main message of the thread and add an event (and if you want a ping list (which you can dd me to)). I won’t be able to attend at 1200Z though since I have school. Hope you have a good session.

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Are you free now if you want i can just do it for you right now if you are free

Should i edit the main message?

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Not right now, I can only attend after 1430Z.

Yes, that would be the best so everyone can see it immediately on the top message.

Yeah i changed it thanks for the help it is my first time doing this.

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What is a ping list and how to create it?

You’re welcome. Also add an event tab if you want (it should be one of the icons over the message when you’re editing (if you hold your cursor over it it should show which action it is for)).

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I am free at 14 30 z on specific days so i can let you know if i am doing atc then.

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A list of people you can ping when you open. That way everyone who wants to attend will know.

something like this:

Ping list


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How do you add the name is it by clicking @. And how did you get that play button?

message @discobot for more infomation. To @ someone, simply type “@” and then the username.

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Hi i am on egll tower and ground right now if youll want to come. It is not crowded right now so youll can enjoy. Thanks.
I have closed the EGLL frequency.

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I’ll take a ping

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I second that i will also take a ping

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Hi are you free today to help me with atc.
@Random_AviatorYT @MAviationYT


Im available right now @Airbus18