Airbus Working Instruments ILS display

Not sure where to post this but I think I may have encountered a small bug in the new working Airbus Primary Flight Display. It’s regarding the ILS data in the lower left corner .

I used Tampa KTAP as a circuit/ILS training airport.
More often than not RWY 19R is my landing runway.

Even using the HUD ILS capture method to confirm
my ILS approach and after several landings
My PFD indicates I’m landing on RWY 1fRT not 19RT
the 9 is replaced by the letter lower case “f”.

Or maybe I need to understand something I don’t know ? Here is a screen shot of my display with a RWY 19R

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Sorry typo its KTPA and the letter is a “J” where I think there should be a numeral 9.


Your picture is not showing “RWY 1fRT”? All i see i “IJRT” which doesn’t make that much more sense though :)

Yes I corrected my typo its showing 1JRT instead of 19RT. I agree it dosen’t make any sense .
Is there a bug that the numeral 9 is replaced with a J ?
Or is it KTPA data specific ?

I don"t know but maybe its worth looking at ? You tell me …I just try to fly the stuff not build it 😉😉🙂

This isn’t a bug.
The display shows the ILS ident which is IJRT (India Juliet Romeo Tango) for KTPA rwy 19R.


I always thought it was some kind of glitch

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IJRT, identifier for the 19R ILS at Tampa which allows you to identify you are tuned on to the correct ILS. Other runways have different codes, so the ILS for 19L is ITPA.


thanks Andre !
thats why I refer to ILS plates and pay the price when I don’t ! I hang my head in shame lol

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Thanks ATK ! Lesson learned the hard way not to skip reading the ILS approach plates even once

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No problem! Happy to help