Airbus vs Boeing

Can someone list the planes that are meant to compete with each other?
For example I know that the 747-8 and the A380 are meant to compete with each other

Only list the planes that are in Infinite Flight please

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737 and A320 I assume are also.


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737 MAX vs A320 NEO will probably be the best competitors, along with the 787 Dreamliner and A350 XWB.


The larger variants of the A350 compete with the B777

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777 and A340

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777 and A340/A350

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No I don’t think you can say the a340 is a competitor to the 777, I would say the a330 and a350 are competitors to the 777


A321 and B757/B739 possibly?

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idd say the 757 and a340?

No. They are way different sizes. The 757 and a321 compete.

Anyway, we all know Boeing is better anyway. I guess you could think otherwise, as everyone can have their own opinion, it just might not be right. 😉

Just joking guys. All fun and games. Though I do personally prefer Boeing


You are brave!

He said airplanes in Infinite flight simulator.

Hmm… A330 is the competitor the the 767. A340 was the competitor to the 777-200/300; but now the A350-1000 is the competitor to the 77W and the future 777 MAX 8/9/10 (keep in mind Airbus has said they’re willing to expand the A350 to “-2000” which makes sense since Boeing is stretching their 777). A350-800/900 and A330neo will go after the 787 series.

Does that seem fair?

Im making a video called boeing vs airbus so yea
We’ll see there

I thought that the a330 competed with the 777’s?
Also, I think the a321 competes with the 757.

Wikipedia has it as:

“Competing twinjets [in reference to A330] include the Boeing 767 and 777, along with the 787, which entered service in late 2011.”

Personally I see it more as a 767 competitor since A330/767 are more “transatlantic” aircraft whereas 777 and A340 are more designed for long range. Thats how I look at it at least.

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There are hundreds of 777s plying transatlantic routes daily. You don’t always have to use the range just because it’s there. The 777 probably has better CASM than a full 767 if it’s loaded above 85%.

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Guys holy
I asked for a list not a debate

I think I just started a fireworks show…