Airbus VS Boeing.

Just wanted a few thoughts an opinions on the clash of the two…In IF, I’ve noticed a TON more Airbus pilots then Boeing pilots. I’m curious, is it because Airbus is deemed the better aircraft or just the most updated ONE? And why doesn’t Boeing get the same updates as Airbus did? Just a few questions 🤔



Please put this under the category ‘Real Aviation’. Thanks! It might be seen as a duplicate too.

Not this again, they are both great manufactures, with different design philosophies.


I totally agree with you!

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I love Airbus and Boing very much!

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Put it under Live please. Better category for the question. And don’t forget to use the search Icon located in the top bar to look for a same post so it’s no duplicate!

Ok, thank you very much.

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Absolutely no problem!

I just changed to to real world. Now I’m told live. Which one?

A poll might be a great way to easily see people’s opinions without 1,000 comments.

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I think live because it’s for IF not real World.
If you could add 2 categories😔

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Oh god not this again…

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Ok, this was useless.
Moderator please close this.

Closing as requested. It was a good effort but this has been discussed many many times and they all end up the same way.

Coke/Pepsi, Ford/Chevy, Democrat/Republican, Paper/Plastic, (Insert your own here), Airbus/Boeing…