Airbus vs Boeing @ KPDX - 122030ZDEC15

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Seattle


Time: 2030-2300Z

NOTAM: All details in picture below


I’ll see if I can make it

Why’s it always playground ?? Why not advance for once

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It will be eventually its just all the ones on Instagram that go my events complain if I go to do one on advanced they already complain because they don’t have the region

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That was me. lol.

Are you matt_46_ also there was more

Yes sir…

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Starts at 20:30 GMT sorry

Probably coming. 20:30 zulu?

Yep same as GMT

Is it today ?

Yes. It is later tonight

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1hr 15mins to go tell the start

I’ll be there!

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30mins to go

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I’m sooooooo sorry but I can’t make it so disappointed 😩

It’s ok I have many from Instagram coming

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4 minutes to go I’m spawned at KPDX

We are about to start

How long ? And what region, what seveet