Airbus vs Boeing FNF - 18 December 15

Friday, 18 December 15

This week we answer a question that has been relevant in aviation for many years! Airbus or Boeing? We hit the skies of London for an all server Airbus vs Boeing event as you choose a route for the B737-7/8/9 or the A318-21. Choose one, or choose both, as we fly Infinite Flight’s most advanced aircraft to date!

Infinite Flight Event Procedures are in place to provide an organized and realistic experience. The red and blue routes are the only authorized routes in the region during the FNF. ATC will be available to implement procedures. Procedures strictly enforced by ghosting on the Advanced Server. Only the A318-321 or B737-7/8/9 authorized.

Keep it realistic, follow the procedures, and stay tuned for the official FNF event post!



What will you be flying?

  • Airbus
  • This is the hardest question ever.
  • Boeing

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How about both? :)


That’s my plan! Fly both routes :)


How’s the METAR looking? Windy? :)

I’m going to have to go with Boeing as they are easier to land!

First, I’ll Flying in my Transavia B737-800 :)

I’ll be there! Call sign : (airline) 72 - Aircraft : Either the A318, A320 or A321.

Airbus all the way, but Boeing all the way??? This is hard, but I’m going to choose Airbus A321! :D Gulf Air, Callsign: GULFAIR 660

See you guys there :D

Definitely A321 Eva Air ;-)

With all the implemented restrictions in this FNF, we should have a more realistic flight environment!


Going in the 737!

Please follow speed instructions (310 knots) and Altitude instructions properly! Don’t risk yourself getting ghosted!


If taking off from East Mids RWY 27 please ensure you don’t make too much noise…

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If its not Airbus I’m not going

count me in - TPP241 A320 SAS!

I’ll be there! Call sign : Southwest 550 Super - Aircraft: Boeing 737-900

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@Sebwillisfly so long as you don’t ending up crash landing on my house…

Anyone who dares leave their gear down, accident or not, will be reported to that police guys who will come and ram you. You have been warned.