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Hello and welcome to Airbus Virtual!

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Airbus Virtual, or AIBVA, is a virtual airline based on Infinite Flight, a mobile flight simulator that has a well-established community. We offer a whole new experience for our pilots, as we perform a range of flight operations, from test flights, delivery flights on behalf of customers to chartered flights all around the world. The idea of flying a more diverse fleet originated from 2020, where we realised that a lot of airlines only have certain routes and destinations, which gets boring over time. Thus, Airbus Virtual was founded, bringing us here.

Salam sejahtera, bonjour and welcome to Airbus Virtual!

My aviation story brings me back to 2014, where I was lucky enough to leave my country for the very first time, on board MH52 to Kansai International Airport, Japan, as well as the return flight from Tokyo as MH89 (where I had 5 middle seats to myself :D). I eventually came across Infinite Flight (when Global Server wasn’t a thing yet). I rarely had time to fly until the pandemic, where I came across the idea of joining virtual airlines. Thanks to the VAs I’ve joined, it inspired me to build a VA that has more liveries and flexible operations that allow everyone to explore exotic destinations, from Gibraltar to Troll Station at Antarctica. A one-man show is never enough to run a VA, so I am extremely honoured to have my dear friend, @Larerraven, who is now our COO, to help start up AIBVA. Of course, we also have two committed staff members, @Lotus and @Lion_50, who are the Chief Pilot and Routes Manager respectively. We believe that as the airline grows, we can explore the world in a rather different way, and we invite you to be a part of us. As our slogan suggests, we make you fly.

Yours sincerely,
Aaron @PlaneLife2018
CEO of Airbus Virtual

Hi there, and welcome to Airbus Virtual! I am Larerraven, and I am COO, Co-Founder of this VA.

My curiosity about aviation started when I was five years old. I was lucky enough to fly with an aeroplane to Jeju Island from Incheon airport at a very young age. Even after that, my parents took me to other domestic destinations in South Korea several times because I just loved going onto aeroplanes. Then, I moved to Guangzhou to study in an international school and met @PlaneLife2018, and he first introduced me to Infinite Flight. After playing IF for a while, I started to get interested in VA and joined a few of them. After a while, @PlaneLife2018 and I began to think about our own VA and finally, we have created Airbus Virtual!

I look forward to see you with us, it will be an exciting journey!

Kind regards,
Sohoon Kim @Larerraven
COO and Co-Founder of Airbus Virtual

Hello and Willkommen to Airbus Virtual! My name is Leon though I’m known as Lion_50 in the IF Community.

I started to get into aviation in 2016 about 6 months before I flew to Fuerteventura on the Canary Islands. My grandpa sent me a link to flightradar24 so I started exploring which planes were flying over my house. I started looking for pictures, videos and eventually here we are, with aviation being a part of my identity.

I joined AIBVA in early March of 2021, a month after buying IF Pro. I was looking for an airline that didn’t force me to fly out of one or two big hubs every day, so Airbus it was. Now the interesting part of the story: I joined the staff team because of the routes map I made for the VA. I DMed Aaron and after a day or two of further completing the map I was asked if I’m interested in joining the staff team. I won’t ever regret that “Yes”…

Routes Manager

Hello, merhaba, as-salamu alaykum and maska agro! I go by Lotus, a Sudani av geek living in Turkey and I am the Chief Pilot here at Airbus Virtual. As you can guess I have a strong interest in aviation as well as other forms of transportation, like railways. Like many of my family members did, I wish to become a pilot and conquer the skies.

I joined Airbus Virtual at late February, one of my first VA at that time. As AIBVA grew every day, Aaron messaged me and asked if I was interested for a position in the Staff team. Fast forward and now I manage our ROTW and oversee our fellow pilot’s activities.

I look forward to seeing you here at Airbus Virtual!

Chief Pilot

Airbus Virtual includes different aircraft based on operation categories, which are listed below:

Test Flight and Delivery Fleet Chartered Flight Fleet Codeshare Fleet World Tour Fleet
A318-100 A318-100 A320 Family A318 House Livery
A319-100 A319-100 A330 Family A330-300
A320-200 A320-200 A350-900 A330-900neo House and TAP Livery
A321-200 A321-200* A380-800 A340 House Livery
A330-200F A330-300 All B737-787 Series A350 House/IF Livery
A330-300 A330-900neo DC10/MD11
A330-900neo A340-600 C-17
A340-600 A350-900 Dash 8-Q400
A350-900 A380-800* CRJ200/700/900
A380-800 Dash 8-Q400 ERJ170/190/195
TBM-930 TBM-930
Citation X

*Airbus Lite, which is made for non-pro subscribers will be able to fly A321 and A380 aircraft in designated regions.

Head to our routes website for information on our routes! As of now, we have established more than 5600 routes, consisting of test flights, delivery flights, chartered/reposition flights and codeshare routes to more than 800 destinations in over 200 countries and territories. We are also the first VA to have covered all continents in our network!

To further expand AIBVA’s connectivity, we have partnered up with more than 30 VAs:

In AIBVA, we have different rankings to ensure the best experience possible for the pilots, as they start to unlock more operations in more aircraft as they engage in our operations.

Rank Hours Required Aircraft/Operations unlocked
Cadet Passed application A320 family delivery within Europe, partial A318 Chartered Routes, A320 family feeder flights
Second Officer 30 hours A320 family test flights, deliveries, A330/40 delivery within Europe, A330/40 feeder flights
First Officer 60 hours A330/40 deliveries, A350 deliveries within Europe and N. America, A318 World Tours, A350 feeder flights
Senior First Officer 100 hours A350 deliveries, A350 CN World Tour, A330 World Tours
Captain 160 hours A380 deliveries, A350 World Tours, A330/40 test flights, Chartered Routes (partial)
Senior Captain 250 hours A350 test flights, Beluga (A330 acting) flights between Hamburg and Toulouse, A380 World Tours, Chartered Routes (partial)
Test Flight Captain 350 hours A380 test flights, Beluga flights, Chartered flights, 1.3x for all flights
Commander Captain 500 hours 1.5x for all flights, Beluga Test Flights, Airbus Military Repositioning Flights
Line Training Captain 700 hours 1.6x for all flights, priority in events, assess cadets when required, Airbus Military Delivery Flights
Executive Captain 1000 hours 1.8x for all flights, priority in events, Airbus Military Test Flights

Sign up through our application form! We welcome everyone within the community, even if you are a non-pro subscriber! Join us through the Airbus Lite program or our regular operation mode, no matter your background, knowledge and story.

  • Airbus Lite: Grade 1 and above
    Regular member: Grade 3 and above
  • Pass entrance test
  • Have a valid Infinite Flight Pro subscription (excluding Airbus Lite members)
  • Less than 20 Level 2/3 violations in total
  • Valid IFC Account

Thank you for checking out Airbus Virtual, and we hope to see you with us in the skies!

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Here’s the biweekly stats if you’ve missed it:

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Amazing thread! We are glad to be one of your partners!

Founder & President
Saudia Virtual


Spectacular thread! So glad to be staff at this amazing team.


The new A330 is here! A few snapshots of the first moments and it is truly exciting to see Toulouse with more traffic!


Here’s the first biweekly stats with nearly 2 weeks of A330! We are glad to see a rise in activity, mostly including the brand new A330. Join us to experience the reworked masterpiece, as well as other aircraft! We are also glad to have established a partnership with @UnitedVirtual. Thank you for the great opportunity!

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We are very happy to have Airbus Virtual create a partnership with us!

New future, better opportunities!
Kenneth N. - UVAL CEO


We are excited to announce a new codeshare with @AirAsiaVA! This will expand our regional network within Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and certain long haul destinations through 120 routes! Thank you Airasia VA for trusting Airbus as a partner, in real life and the virtual world.



Introduction of Airbus Lite

Dear IFC,

To encourage more non-pro subscribers to be rewarded while flying in solo mode, we are officially launching Airbus Lite! This mode can be used for pilots who do not purchase a Pro subscription to fly the Airbus A321 and A380 to several locations available worldwide. Grade 1 and 2 pilots are also welcomed to join us! Airbus Lite members may convert to regular operations once a Pro subscription is available for them. We hope this will motivate to be a part of the Airbus family and we look forward to seeing you on board!

General requirements

  • Have a valid IFC account
  • File 1-2 flights per month
  • Pass a basic entrance test

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@Airbus_Virtual i am having trouble in applying could you help me out, it says invalid format

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in the callsign

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You can try again, it should be fixed now.
We apologize for the inconvinience. Please also understand that the callsign displayed in there might not be your final callsign once the application is approved.


Yep as Lion has mentioned, feel free to have a go again. Looking forward to seeing you with us!

CEO of Airbus Virtual

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Time for the biweekly stats! We are proud to have achieved more than 4000 routes for our pilots into 710 different airports. As mentioned earlier, we also established the collaboration with AVA this week!

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Hello IFC,

We have a new partnership with @VirginGroupVA! This means we are growing our connections from London, Brisbane, Sydney and Los Angeles through 3 of their airlines regionally and internationally. Virgin Virtual Group will also be our 30th codeshare partner. A big thank you to them for the seamless process and allowing Airbus Virtual to explore more exotic destinations.


I’ve applied!


Thank you @Airbus_Virtual for giving us the chance to partner with you guys we can’t wait to see what the future holds for us

Kind regards
CEO | Virgin Virtual Group


Our biweekly report is here!

Interested in embracing unique experiences? Join us now!
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An excellent thread! We are very excited about our new partnership and it is great to be on board!

Happy Landings!

Boyd L
VGVA - HR Manager
Virgin 004VA


21.5 is here! We’re proud to introduce the latest member to our group - Airbus A330neo! Here’s one of our very first flights with the masterpiece. With this addition, we also have more than 300 new routes dedicated to A330neo, ranging from delivery to codeshare flights and more will come in the near future! Lastly a shoutout to @AirAsiaVA and @TAP_Portugal_VA that will provide us additional network using this very aircraft. Thank you!

Fly the A330neo and be rewarded. Join us today!
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