Airbus Unveils new "Bird of Prey" Concept Plane

Airbus has one again changed the way we think about airplanes. The aircraft is designed to fly literally like an eagle. See the full article below.

The aircraft is said to be 30-50 percent more fuel efficient than current aircraft. Although it won’t be built, the point of this design is to inspire youth to enter the field or aeronautical engendering.


Wait so it can flap its wings?
Definitely a game changer in aviation!

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I believe the wings stay fixed, however the “feathers” on the edges would move to control the plane

You did say it’s literally designed to fly like an eagle… 😂

Hey I’m not the expert here! 😂😂😂

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Don’t know if you know what “literally” literally means, but that aircraft isn’t going to flaps its wings like an eagle.

But the new concept shows what Airbus has in its design studio! I’m interested to see what parts make it towards an actual production aircraft.

Overhead wings on a large commercial airliner? Possibly. The jury is still out on whether the public trusts or will pay to fly long range on a propeller aircraft. It’s a concept, but I’m sure Airbus is not prepared to go all out on a marketing campaign on why ‘you should fly turbo-prop instead of a turbofan jet engine”.

My favorite part of this concept is the winglet(s) and the horizontal stabilizer(s). Really can’t wait to see what makes it to final production for this type of aircraft. Props to Airbus for going all out! Boeing we’re looking at you next 👀


I am actually really interested in this. Looks fascinating but also next level ugly. I take it that the ‘feathers’ at the end of wings control some sort of moment (aileron?)

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It’s not April First Airbus…

This is… quite the idea. For sure. What’s up next though, cars with legs?

Trains with wings

boats with wheels like spongebob

Love the ingenuity, who knows what technology will be inspired and developed from this

I hope easyJet steals the hot orange paint job though, very smart!

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If that airplane was to become a reality, I can finally brag to my friends that I was on a bird! :D

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One word: WACK


I’ve seen this design by Airbus before. I don’t understand why they’ve done this. They already have to C series *(A220). The design is a bit out there! I don’t really see a market for this specific aircraft. I think they should be focussing on other things. Such as making a variant of of the A350-1000, so it’s able to fill the demands such as project sunrise.

True, however with Boeing preoccupied with … stuff, I guess Airbus has time to play around a little.😂

They in all seriousness though, are just trying to be different. Look. It got out attention!, Didn’t it? Kind of like those wavy things out side of mattress stores

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First thing I thought of when I saw this. kyogre

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I see it.🧐

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We already know how to make aircraft more efficient. Just keep increasing the aspect and bypass ratios…

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