Airbus Unveils Cargo Hold Sleeping Quarters!

Lol. What 2 inches could do to the flights safety

Stop someone from evacuating quickly in an emergency. That’s all

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Dude it’s a bed not a seat lolz. ;)

Exactly, so if FA’s make you put your normal seat up in ht upright position, why would you be allowed to continue to sleep upon descent if you were in the bed instead of the normal economy seat?

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Wait so are we talking about the bed or the economy seat 💺? If it is an 8 hour flight and somebody were to sleep within 5 hours of the flight then be waken up and told to go back their seat then it seems more like too good to be true. Although since I am not an expert, I hope that it turns out good and that the airlines that use them use them with great care. All I am trying to say is that I wouldn’t expect a FA to force you to get back to your seat from your bed. Although that would be new for me.

We were comparing…

Well they force you to stow tray tables and put your seat upright, why can’t they tell you to go back to your seat? You have to comply.


Well there are those unruly passengers but, I see your point. :)

I agree, and I think Boeing has lost trust in Qantas after QF was a major backer of the 777 program. Shame they didn’t order any.

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