Airbus to test self flying taxis in 2017!

I thought that was awesome

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Article please

Just copy and paste the web link to the article in your post.


You sure about that?


Gosh thanks for that.

I’m not a big fan of the super high tech modern day planes that float above ground and everything I like the ones we have now I really want to pilot one of them .


Me too but these are taxis that fly not being piloted by anyone, I could now get to school faster instead of being stuck in the traffic.

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How ridiculous Airbus! They really think their idea will succeed?


Hahaha! Airbus is ridiculous right? Wait for 2017

Well for all those who say Airbus copy Boeing, here they obviously aren’t

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This will probably increase the number of ground incidents

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Goodness me, I can’t imagine trying to find landing space for those things during rush hour, helicopters need a lot of space.

With one or two of their aircraft, especially the A350! It looks almost identical to the 787 when in the factory.

This wouldn’t increase ground incident, this will probably make it even much safer as we all know Airbus builds the safest planes and flying is also the safest way of transportation so I’m sure we wouldn’t hear of indicidents.

Airbus builds the safest planes? Safest planes in your dreams

The technology to do this already exists. Nothing new here really. The issue is refinement and doing thorough enough testing to prove it’s safe and getting through all the red tape.

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A flying taxi is nothing new? Okay I’ve heard you.

Yep Airbus builds the worlds safest planes not to mention A340 family has the safest safety record.

Because not a lot of it has been built