Airbus to Prepare for a formal launch for A350-1000ULR

Airbus, the European manufacturer of the existing A350-900ULR, a variant of flagship A350 XWB that already caters to the ultra-long-haul market, is in final talks with multiple airline customers ahead of a formal launch of the A350-1000ULR, an ultra-long-range variant of the largest member of the A350 XWB family, Aviation Analyst can exclusively reveal.

Airbus’ commitment to building an ultra-long-range ‘family’ follows extensive talks with a variety of airline customers, many of whom have shown interest in potentially ordering, or converting existing A350 orders to an A350-1000ULR that will be able to fly further, and heavier than the existing A350-900ULR — with, crucially: more passengers. The A350-1000ULR will also take on Boeing’s 777X, and Airbus intend to have the aircraft available to airline customers before the 777X is able to gain a significant hold of the extreme end of the long-haul market.

Alan Joyce, the Qantas CEO, put Airbus and Boeing to the test by asking the two manufacturers to develop an aircraft capable of flying for 21-hours, such as between London and Sydney. The Australian flag carrier is considering both the Airbus A350-1000ULR (Ultra Long Range) and the Boeing 777-8, and the decision will be announced in quarter-four of 2019, Joyce recently confirmed. Qantas has already eliminated the prospect of ordering the existing A350-900ULR, citing lower passenger capacity.

The existing A350-900ULR doesn’t require any additional fuel tanks over the standard A350-900 and instead uses technology to tap into additional space already available in the existing tanks to carry an extra 6,340 gallons of fuel. For the A350-1000ULR, in addition to carrying the extra fuel, increased maximum take-off weight and increased payload capabilities (in order to reduce having to establish costly payload restrictions on routes with proven strong demand such as the ‘Kangaroo route’ to Australia) are crucial.

Please note there is still no formal announcement or news with Airbus itself but I think, A350-1000URL will be a great competitor with B777X.

What do you guys think?

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Credits: Aviation Analyst.


Let the games begin!

If you don’t understand it will be very big competition form Airbus.


I have a feeling that they will go with Airbus, perhaps due to the current issues with Boeing going on at the moment, and Qantas’ stellar safety record


This could be for project sunrise?

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Yes, Qantas have said previously that they’re going to make a decision about Project Sunrise this year.


I’m still waiting for the decision, I wake up every morning waiting to see if they have made the announcement.

Yeah it is quite exciting. I wonder how popular the route would be.

By the way, I’m doing the same thing with British Airways’ new uniforms.

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Only time will tell.

Who knows? London needs a direct connection to Sydney.

I still wonder how comfortable having Ultra Long Flight? Since Singapore A350-900ULR has two class configurations (Business and Premium Economy). I heard there are ups and downs.

Here comes your Project Sunrise aircraft!!

Check this out:
Airbus/Safran designed modules for bunks, rest areas, relaxation, exercise and other options including a medical area as well to fit in the lower cargo spaces for ULH travel

Awesome! Adding the ULR to the -1000 will for sure attract some customers that have very Long flight like Qatar airways, Qantas, etc.

Go Airbus!

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airbus is always winning boeing🤘

Let this be known, all aircraft are tested to as much an extent as is reasonable, and I think safety is almost never a factor when buying from a major player like Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, etc…

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Well I agree obviously they are tested. But I doubt that safety isn’t a factor in the current climate considering that Boeing released aircraft that weren’t safe, and then continued to assure their safety when it was clear as day they had serious issues. However, I would be quite sure that was just a one off, but a lot of customers worldwide have lost a lot of trust in Boeing - I certainly have.

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