Airbus To Offer Dimmable Windows Similar To The 787’s

Just announced today at Las Vegas’ CES 2020:

Gentex Corporation will now offer dimmable windows for Airbus aircraft.

  • Gentex Corporation is the same company that manufactures the Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s windows.
  • There will be new windows which will darken twice as fast and will be 100 times darker, blocking out “99.999% of visible light”
  • The aircraft(s) that will receive the dimmable windows has not been confirmed, but more details will be revealed this spring.

(Boeing 787 dimmable windows by


I’d expect these new windows to be found on the A350 and potentially the A321XLR.

Truthfully, I’m not a fan of dimmable windows as flight attendants can unfortunately lock them to the darkest setting on long flights.

What are your thoughts on this?


This sounds awesome! I forgot that dimmae windows even existed, but they sound awesome. I’d like to fly on something with these windows someday.


They’re great: I’ve never been on a flight where’s they’ve locked them dark. They usually make them all dark but you can then brighten them as you wish.

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I don’t know where I heard this and I don’t quite remember what it was because of but, I remember that hearing or maybe reading for that part about the fact that using old traditional way of closing out the sunlight, is better for the health, in terms of either UV-rays from the sun or better air pressure in the cabin, basically, not too thin air, that will make it feel suffocating.

Then again, I don’t remember where I heard this but if the UV-rays was the health concern, then this;

…may as well be the solution to much of that issue, hopefully.

As for what I think about this, I find this to be very good news. I have always loved the dimmable windows on the 787, and I remember clearly when I for the first time flew on a 787, how much in love with this feature I was. Got, back then, disappointed at why Airbus doesn’t have it, especially on the A350, very odd. But now if the A350 is one of the aircraft to receive this, then I’m then likely planning my next trip with it, and it would make the most sense by Airbus to invest in applying the dimmable windows to their newst jets, the A321XRL, A350XWB and possibly even the A320/A330neo.


Which airlines/routes? Every time I’ve flown AA’s 787s long-haul they lock them.

@BigBert10 knows that I hate these windows… pretty much the only reason I prefer to not fly the 787 :|

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Well I don’t exactly like them but it’s better than being blinded by the strobes

I’m with you. I’d rather not wait 13 and a half minutes to “unshade” the window.

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Now I really want to fly the 787 and any Airbus that adds these windows…I need to try these windows for myself to see if they are what you say they are

It definitely takes too long on the 787, but that isn’t my biggest problem. My problem is when the cabin crew lock them and you can’t open it, which was the case on my United flight and I couldn’t look outside for almost 9-10 hours, causing me to miss a lot of the sunrise :|


Wow, that is nice! I think the aircrafts that will have those windows are the A350, A321XLR, and A220.

I wanted to mention that too but I wasn’t sure if anyone had the same experiences. When I was on a Dreamliner I didn’t know if it was dark out or just the shade. Gets me claustrophobic haha!

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BA, JAL and, I think, United.

I can assure they are windows 😂

Ever since I’ve heated about the dimmable windows I’ve always wanted to fly on the 787 just because of that feature the only time I’ve gotten to try one was at the Air and Space museum and Airbus adding this feature to a plane will probably increase passenger comfort

No, No, No, Nonononono

I hate the 787 windows. Why Airbus???

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This made me dislike the 787. I don’t want the crew to be able to dim windows (unless of course, during maybe cruise).

I totally agree with you…

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Yikes. I really hate these windows and Airbus was really winning me over because they didn’t have them. I’m not looking forward to these being the future of long haul travel

Pull down shades aren’t really “futuristic” per say. It is nice to have the option to be able to dim your windows 50% so that you can still see outside, but not have the sun blasting in your face. With a window shade, that’s not possible.