Airbus Thrust lever in levels instead of Percentage

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In Airbus (A320F, A330,A340,A350,A380)'s Thrust lever, they have different system that is in Boeing’s.

In Airbus, There is levels for each thrust power there is idle, there is “Speed” Which is the big segment between idle and “CL”, then there is “CL” or Climb were the AutoThrottle requires you to set to that level, them we have got “FLX MCT”
which is the standard Takeoff Thrust, Finally there is “TOGA” which is the takeoff from short runways/wet/icy runways or if the temperature is high + its used when going around


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I’d assume the percentage levels could just translate into the titles. You have my vote.

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I may be wrong here but aren’t these all calculated at the start of a flight not set figures?


I thought TOGA was for all runways without weather/size restrictions?
Correct me if I’m wrong.

TOGA is the maximum possible thrust i believe


Airbus, where the plane flies the plane

Boeing, where the pilot flies the plane

JK, this is a good idea but I do like it how it is

Pretty sure that’s exactly what it is

Without thrust ratings, this cannot be implemented. The thrust ratings are calculated based on many factors and flat ratings cannot be implemented without some fairly dramatic consequences if people try to mirror real-world operations with variable ratings at each level.


Autothrottle isnt just limited to Airbus aircraft. Autothrottle is used on all Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, Bombardier aircraft. The console looks somewhat different but the function is there.

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A320f? Typo or a variant I’ve never heard of?

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I meant Airbus A320 Family

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