Airbus thinking about an A380neo?

Toward the end of Day 2 of the Dubai Airshow, Airbus CEO Fabrice Bregier finally had some hopeful news for Emirates, the hometown airline that has been pushing the manufacturer to move ahead with an advanced, reengined version of its A380 airliner. “We think we’re going to do it,” Bregier said of the A380neo. However, Bregier added a less-encouraging caveat for the A380’s largest operator: “There is no urgency.” No other airlines are pushing for a NEO, …

The A380 is such a new aircraft compared to others, it doesn’t need a redo or any help at the moment.

The A380 is unbelievable


There is more potential for better fuel efficiency. It is an efficient aircraft, but the 4 engines continue to plague it, at least according to Emirates.

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Not surprised they’re going forward with this. Can’t say it will be a success but not surprised much.


But the question is:

Will Airbus will have A330neo/A350 design sharklets on the A380neo?

Another question is:

Will Airbus make shorter and/or longer variants of an A380neo like the A330neo?

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They have sharklets?

They can’t have the raked wingtips that the A330neo and A350s have because the wings are already a tad long, and making them longer limits the airports they can fly into (Which defeats the purpose of flying the airplane). Airports have been reluctant enough to A380-up their airports but would they do it again to accommodate an airplane that only one airline will fly? And likely not for very long? I wouldn’t be surprised if it had doritos again or at least some form of sharklets maybe?

No idea.

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Yeah, I guess so, the wings are already too wide and they’re longer than the A380 fuselage itself

The 3 main things that the A380 Is dragged down

  1. High fuel consumption
  2. High price
  3. Not too practical yet, maybe in 10 years time it will be
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Maybe Airbus would receive more A380 orders if they just throw through the window all the luxuries that make the A380 so remarkable and just add a high density cabin. With more than 800 people in one plane, it would be possible to remove two 744s, cutting costs.

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It hasn’t seemed to be as successful as the 747. The 747 was such a breakthrough at that time. I think Airbus should start thinking about a neo.

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I don’t think that that aircraft would be very practical with planes like the a350 and 777 taking over the skies.

Maybe on routes in which they could be used with full capacity. The Asian and Arab markets are a good example.

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The A380 didn’t have as big a market as invisioned. Airbus didn’t get as many sales as the had foreseen. I doubt that if any other airline was the sole one wanting a neo version, it would be declined. As Emirates is the biggest customer, Airbus will take it on board. I personally feel an A380neo is not the way to go. Bigger is not always better.

And how is it possible for Emirates to have so many A380s without losing money?

Because they’re Emirates. ;)

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Cough cough $400.000.000 cough cough

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“neo” means new engine option, not a very big deal.

@Sturmovik the gulf airlines are funded by their respective governments.


The only deal is that there would be less fuel consumption

747-8 is more successful than the A380(as of right now)

A380 is mostly about the ME3’s(EK,EY, QR)

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