Airbus Talks With Qantas About A350-900ULR

True, I think they were pretty fed up of waiting.

@anon31652286 and @AndrewRG10, we have AKC to continue this.

jeez, I knew I shouldn’t of made this

We’re just having a discussion about Qantas’ fleet mate, relax.

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Hockey dockey, just pointing somfing out.👍😊

The 787’s are replacing the A380 routes. :)


I thought the 8 787s ordered by Qantas were replacing their 747s.


I think the A350ULR will sell better then the 777X due maybe the 777 being to big for much of the market. I reckon Boeing need a 787ER series

The 787 will replace the 747 and A380. The 777 will help replace the old and expensive A380 fleet

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I feel like the A380s aren’t at all old though.

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It seems that some airlines are actually opting for a large twin jet due to efficiency and lower maintenance costs.

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Yeah they aren’t too old. It seems Andrew just has a thing against airbus. If the aircraft are leased though there is a chance hey will just hand them back to the lessor.


Qantas had talks with Airbus about bringing back the A350-800ULR not the A350-900ULR

No, mate. Have a look at the news that I posted and then you will see that its the A350XWB-900ULR

Even if they got a A359ULR for their ULH destinations such as London, New York; I doubt they would fit economy seats in there because most people would rather like to stop somewhere else for cheaper fares and not being cramped in a plane for nearly 20+ hours. The only way this would be viable from a business perspective is if they make their new A359ULR’s all Business/First configured. But if that happened a daily service would be difficult, maybe a twice weekly service would be possible?


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