Airbus superjumbo A380 lands in Ethiopia

The Airbus superjumbo, the A380, landed on Monday (October 16) in Ethiopia at Africa’s highest airport ahead of altitude tests. The huge airliner landed at Addis Ababa after a six and a half hour flight from Toulouse.


Nice one!!

Yup and Ethiopian airlines want to buy one of the A380 I think after the newspaper

I doubt it was testing it probably was to showcase it to theAfrican market which is common for a manafacturer to do

Really? I would be extremely happy if they do!

Interesting article.

Me too I will be the same

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Ethiopia is renound for high altitude flying

I know it just seems uncessary as these similar tests were done prior to it launching, and the fact that someone said they may buy it makes me think they bought the plane over there to showcase it but I could be wrong as your theory is absolutely correct aswell :)

Since when is it October 16th?

Look 👀 a link

Ethiopian airlines are interested by the A380 after what the CEO said

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