Airbus Stick - Left side or right?

So the Airbus is fly-by-wire with a side stick. IF now has joystick support so it stands to reason that that was a match made in heaven. Or was it?

99% of all joysticks on the market are right-handed. Very few are ambidextrous and almost none are left-handed. I only found one that was convertible to left hand use.

So what do you do? Fly a right-handed joystick and assign yourself to the first officer seat or find at least an ambidextrous one and fly with the left hand?

Me? I’m a “righty” but bought an older ambidextrous Saitek stick and intend to fly left-handed, just for the sake of authenticity. Hey, I’m sure real right-handed Airbus captains have to do this!

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I fly with the left hand. I’m completely left-side dominant and I can do absolutely nothing with my right side


Sounds like you were made for the Captain’s seat! Do you fly a right-handed stick and manage or…?

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I use a right handed and I fair out fine. It just takes some getting used to.

I don’t have a preference

Actually, that is what I’ve read also. They found a way to make the right-handed stick work, although it’s not ideal. It seems to be similar to the “left-handed scissors” situation. Not many sticks made for lefties.

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It’s pretty sad how they treat us smaller minority of lefties


Makes you wonder if lefties are the preferred Airbus captains. :)

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I’m left handed while writing, but right handed for everything else, like using a scissor or a computer mouse.

You could use your most able hand while flying, and practice with your left hand when you aren’t playing.

I’m a righty but do some things leftie: Skateboard, hockey and slalom water-ski. Go figure. I figure that I’ll add “flying Airbus” to my leftie list. Unless I want to be the first officer. :)

You fly the stick with your left hand but throttle and other controls with the right. I have an older joystick that doesn’t have many contours and can be used with either hand. I removed the slider potentiometer, added an extension wire, and rigged up a little throttle lever. I’m right handed but flying with the left hand and working the throttle with the right works out just fine.

Think of it like when you are driving with left hand on the wheel and right hand on the shifter.

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The “not may contours” makes that possible. I also agree with the driving analogy. Look at some of the “fighter” sticks. They look nearly impossible to fly with the left hand.

I saw and tried to order an Airbus left stick replica on the web but the seller has had such trouble with US Customs that he no longer ships to the US. He’s from Romania if I recall.

I went with the generic Saitek that seems to be the closest looking to Airbus that I could find at a reasonable price. Just have to move the red thumb button from the left side to the right. Yeah, I’m that bad.

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I’m with you. Lefty on everything

Im a righty but fly with
My left hand on joystick

@Aernout Well? What is the correct answer here? 😂 😉

I am a lefty so I use the force to control the stick.

Capt left hand on the sidestick and right hand on the thrust levers
F/o right hand on the sidestick and left hand on the thrust levers.

I am full left handed but never had one problem flying with my right hand, it will be interesting one day if I get to become a captain to fly with my left hand but I haven’t heard anyone that got in trouble with this.


Do you have a joystick for IF and if so, which side do you prefer? I’m sure you’d have no problem being a Captain in IF!

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True. I am also a lefty and for some reason, when it comes to flying, that “disadvantage” is practically non-existent. I still can’t use right-handed scissors properly though :D

PS: The amount of left-handed people in this thread is unusally high. What’s happening?!? :D