Airbus Startup Sequence

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I am posting this topic today because I have had this question for a while now and have seen mixed results depending on the source.

Here is my question… What is the engine startup sequence for Airbus aircraft? Mainly the A320 family.

As someone who strives for realism with my flights, I have always been aware that most aircraft such as the 737 you start the #2 engine and then #1. But when it comes to the A320 family I have seen some sources say it is 1 then 2 and some that say it is 2 then 1.

Any help/clarification would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Also, I am really not sure what category this fits best in so feel free to move it as needed!

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I looked in the IFC and someone mentioned 1 first

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Airbus A320 & A330 family :

ENG 1 followed by ENG 2.

Airbus A340 & A380 :

ENG 1 & ENG 2 simultaneously (press on ENG 1 first and right after on ENG 2),
after stable, repeat for ENG 3 & ENG 4.

Please note that the startup sequence may differ between airlines for operational reasons (which is why you may be seeing different results on the matter), but this is a general rule you can use on your flights.

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Thank you both for your replies. That’s what I was looking for!

My father is an 8-year captain on the Airbus at Sprit Airlines and he says they start #1 then #2

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Alright, awesome. Glad to finally see some consistent answers!

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