Airbus Speedbrake

I’ve noticed that the Airbus A319, a 320, and a320 does not have the aileron brake, even though It is supposed to. I don’t understand why the Boeing 787 has It.

As you can see, when putting on the speed breaks, the ailerons go UP, does anyone else think that’s this should be changed?

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bc like the a320 the 787 has it irl

I’ve never rode on the 787, so that makes sense. Thanks for telling me!

Does anyone know how to make a vote, this isn’t my first topic, so I put it under general

Put it in the #features category. You must be at least TL2 to post there, unfortunately you are only TL1 so you cannot post there yet. Just keep contributing positively in the community and you’ll be there in no time:

And in case you have any questions about your Trust Level (TL) look here:

Thanks for the advise.

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No problem, happy to help :)

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