Airbus signs a deal with Iran for 100 aircraft

Airbus signs deal with Iran for 100 aircraft, delivery to begin in January 2017 - International Business Times, UK Edition


Nope it’s Iran air sorry it says it in the first sentence

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It’s ok. I got confused too

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MaxSez: Rumor has it the Busses will have bomb racks, and paracutest wind baffles on the hatches. To think there useing American cash and not buying American!


Awesome! Any Airbus deal is a good deal.


That’s right


@Aviationluver… I wondered why a German national would support the Islamic Republic of Iran; Since you live in Hamburg I know the ansewer, Money not Politics:

“Hamburg the headquarters of Airbus in Germany and the largest Airbus site in Germany employs around 12,500 people and plays a key role in the development and manufacturing of all Airbus aircraft. The company is also one of the biggest employers in the region. Over 150 apprentices start their careers each year at Airbus in Hamburg.” (Various)

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It’s much simpler than that. I just like Airbus.


Aren’t they also getting some A380’s?

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Very quick delivery seeing as thought they only recently signed the deal

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Me too ^^^ #Airbus4Ever


Great to see the nation of my ancestors is finally updating its fleet. Go Airbus!

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Iran Air is operated by the government however.

They are technically buying American, the amount of American parts in that thing…

Nope, they decided to not get them.

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