Airbus Sidestick

Hi, I’m interested in the Airbus TCA Sidestick. I’ve heard people say that it works with IF, but on amazon, it says Thrustmaster TCA sidestick (windows). I use an iPad for IF and does it matter if I get the one that says windows or do I need one specifically for iOS? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!



There are no joysticks that work directly with iOS. You’ll have to use a software like Map Connect (see below) to connect your joystick to your computer, and then your iPad, and configure it for Infinite Flight. So plan on buying something that’s compatible with your computer’s OS.

I’ve never used Thrustmaster myself, so perhaps others could comment on whether it works with both Mac and Windows, or only Windows.

Here’s the link to the Map Connect topic:

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Here is a great thread with IF users testing out the joystick you are interested in:

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Thanks! That helped a lot!

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I use a thrustmaster hotas x and it works great!

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Can you send me the link to where you got that joystick?

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Does it connect directly to your ipad or do you have to connect it to the computer and install something?

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Would it work if I connect a Lightning Digital AV Adapter to my iPad to connect to a monitor and the connected the airbus joystick to the monitor?

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I am not too sure

O for all joysticks you will need another device, not iPad or iPhone. A laptop or pc and download map connect. Not from App Store. You will have to get it from the link posted above by @CaptainSooraj ,

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That’s literally what I have. Unfortunately, the only thing is that it won’t work when playing IF using Bluestack, I don’t think

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Bluestacks is not officially supported by Infinite Flight - just something to note.
If you’re using Bluestacks, expect it to be buggy, or not work as expected.

In any case, @Hobbes778 said that he has an iPad, so Bluestacks doesn’t come into the picture anyway.

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Pro tip if you cant get a joystick to work; use a xbox controller or some other controller that will connect to your phone with bluetooth. This makes a huge difference.


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