Airbus Seeks To Turn Paris Into A Hydrogen Hub

Airbus is seeking to turn Paris into a hydrogen hub when their Zero E planes come out.

Airbus is determined to drive a bold vision for the future of sustainable aviation, and to lead the transition to zero-emission commercial flight. Hydrogen is the one of the most promising technologies that will help us meet that objective – but we won’t be able to do it alone. This revolution will also require our regulatory and infrastructure ecosystems to change worldwide.

“Airports have a key role to play in enabling that transition, starting today, and we hope that this open innovation initiative will foster the development of creative projects and solutions.”


Tbh I’m very against this. Aviation is one of the least environmentally-hurting industries. If they really want to make a difference, go work on abolishing coal power plants.


Wow, this again?

I’m starting to feel like Hydrogen Powered Aircraft are gonna be like Supersonic Transport in the 60s. Everyone is gonna get hyped up, all of the updates…and then it’s gonna Barley get any orders.

Kinda what @Alec said, the aviation industry is one of the lowest industries in regards to problems with the environment, although I possibly could see this coming along in, it isn’t gonna be massive.


Well it may not be compared to the number of aircraft but it still makes up 2% of the global CO2-emissions so there needs to be a reduction. And yes other sectors are producing more, but 2% are already massive amounts…


Might be, but I also think it is more realistic in the next 10 years than electricity so I think this is the way to go

Why are you against this? What’s wrong with aviation becoming less harmful for the environment?


No thank you Airbus.

I never asked for you to force hydrogen aircraft upon us nor did I want you to. And I also never asked to have Paris overrun with hydrogen aircraft.


Putting aside the climate change and aircraft carbon emissions, hydrogen is a pretty interesting fuel to be used. There are plenty of risks involved with carrying hydrogen around - Hindenburg should serve well - and mitigating it to a point where the consumer is safe with it is not going to be the easiest task. That said I would be a big supporter of this if it does gain traction. After all, we’re going to eventually run out of oil to use, and we will be forced to an alternate source of fuel.

Awesome to see Airbus wanting to save environment for once! Makes sense given Paris Accords and unfortunately nower days aircraft is contributing a lot to global warming, we need to get rid of fuel immediately otherwise we wont even have a planet left. But hopefully they’ll keep the design of aircrafts the same though, if not I’d be ashamed it was the case.


I must visit this special place!!

There goes every single plane I’ve ever wanted to fly…

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You’ll still get to fly on one which is runned by fuel for now. But you know whats better hydrogen powered one, once its manufactured ooh yes please! Planet needs to be saved, especially in my country, my country environment has drastically changed this year we haven’t had much rain where I’m from at all and we normally experience it 30-40% each year and barely had it close that much!


Considering that they want to be eco-friendly and how energy-intensive hydrogen production is they chose the only country where those words wouldn’t be just PR - France’s grid is about 70% nuclear and not some solar crap. Good luck to airbus I guess, hope they’ll not just loose ridiculous amount of money on this but that something would actually come out of this, as looking boeing’s corporate culture they are the best airplane manufacturer nowadays

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I mean…2% isnt alot when compared to others

I mean, it ain’t just flicking a switch and saying “Wow, there we go. We now have sustainable fuels.” You need to change the supply, the infrastructure, the systems, the procedures, the production, and you can’t do it overnight, you have to build it up over many years if you want a chance at success

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[quote=“KTJ_Mitchell, post:14, topic:534281, full:true”]
I mean…2% isnt alot when compared to others

In a 2019 study you’ll find that Aviation produced 915 Million tonnes of fuel on that given year and you’d gotta admit thats a lot of fuel. On top of that Aviation contributes to 12% by using catering trucks, fuel trucks, etc also.

I don’t mean by doing straight away, They obviously need time to develop the technology, talk up how people going to move another industry to another. you would have to expect the changes for bit of time, definitely not by flickr of a switch yeah no.

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There’s nothing wrong in Airbus’ intention. From what I’ve read in the article it seems like a great idea. If this idea really does come true and if it’s safe then I don’t see why anyone should have a problem with it. I’m a student pilot and I’d love to fly the 777, 747 etc but not as much as I love this planet. I understand that the aviation industry is nowhere near as harmful as the other ones but that shouldn’t stop us from making new strides. I personally don’t think that these planes would dominate the market as long as jet fuel aircrafts are in business but if it ends up being financially viable they certainly will gain popularity and maybe even help other industries that you can give up fuel and still be able to make a profit.


Exactly. The people who are against this are primarly people who feel threatened by Airbus’ attempt at making eco-friendly planes. I don’t understand this hatred. Although, when you see how much hate there is towards electric cars (especially Tesla), it is believable. There seems to be hate to anything that challenges the status-quo.


Well I do. I’ve grown up hearing stories of classic aircraft. Those lumbering, smoky-engined jets along with those beautiful piston engines. I’ve grown up obsessed with classic cars and classic aircraft. And it pains me to know that in my lifetime all the things I’ve liked and wanted to do could succumb to things like hydrogen planes and electric cars.

I don’t really feel threatened, but I dislike the fact that the things I love could be wiped out in an instant with one or two big orders for a hydrogen aircraft.

In all honesty I’d much rather live in a world where the things I love will actually still exist in 10-20 years, and not be taken over by hydrogen planes and electric cars.

Call me selfish and call me a climate denier, I know it’s coming my way.

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Aviation is so much cleaner than it used to be
And now with biofuel it’ll get even cleaner. No need for all this hydrogen stuff


Nah mate I completely agree. The aircraft we all know and love and have heard so much about…Hydrogen planes will come and possibly remove all of those aircraft. What would I not be opposed to? Developing existing aircraft to be able to fly with sustainable fuels, this is what Boeing is doing. This will help much more and be easier to implement, we can build that up as well to further increase the benefits! Of course, now I’m gonna hear “that doesn’t fully solve the problem” well, a solution we can build upon is better than no solution