Airbus says the certification for the H-160 is near!

Airbus helicopters have announced that they are super close to having the H-160 type certificated. Airbus expects to have it ready with in the next few weeks, five years after the H-160 went airborne for the first time. As the approval will mark the start of a new phase in its sales effort, the airframer is putting emphasis on the reduced pilot workload in the H160’s flight deck.


Improving safety was a major aspect of the development. Airbus’s engineers made extensive use of incident and accident feedback and determined reducing the pilot’s workload was the way to go. “Fewer actions means fewer mistakes,” said experimental test pilot Olivier Gensse.

Some of the safety features include the what if an engine failure occurs. An engine failure has little impact on immediate workload – even on an offshore helipad. The system manages the sudden drop in power. If the engine failure takes place during takeoff before the decision point, the four-axis autopilot will bring the helicopter back to the spot it lifted off from (with a 0.5-meter precision). The pilot will only have to use the collective-pitch control to cushion the landing, said Gensse, if the engine does fail the auto pilot will continue to fly on one engine. The H160 also features a system to detect vortex ring state (VRS), an aerodynamic condition that causes the main rotor to sink. An aural and visual warning gives the crew a five- to seven-second notice, The system factors in the aircraft’s total energy, acceleration and deceleration.

Congrats Airbus to your soon type rating!


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This is cool but what happens if the main rotor blades fail?

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Then it would just be a ‘copter’. This question applies to like every helicopter in the world.

I can’t really say much on this topic without offending because of recent activities in the world


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Shouldn’t their be safer systems In place for this though and if you smaller rotor fails you go into a flat spin

Helicopters are very safe as a representative.


@Mattheus that’s definitely the GFS (Hong Kong Government Flying Service) right there 😂

That’s like saying what if your wing falls off your aircraft, while it happens only real way to recover is jumping out with a parachute. Kinda like if we lose a Jesus Nut on the machine if we lose that you go down.

Now like the tail rotor there are procedures to help you land safely it depends on each machine

Safety system sorry

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The pilot will start sweating if you turn the big fan off


Those look slick.


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