Airbus Reveals New Modular Cabin Concept

This is a very interesting concept Airbus Reveals New Modular Cabin Concept That Could Change How We Fly

What do you guys think?


Looking forward to this. Anything that Airbus makes is amazing.


I work in cargo planes with containers, and thing i can say, they have to find a huge solution for move, like the containers where simply attached by multiple clip with no vibration isolation.

That looks interesting. I don’t think I’d be too keen of an aircraft with this feature. Looks a little cramped, and I’m claustrophobic, so that’s not a good situation for me. :)

Have you ever wanted to be a package? Well now you can! This design made by Airbus, is revolutionary in every way possible! Tired of those cold, disgusting plates of plastic we call Windows? Well we got rid of those hideous monstrosities and instead, we crammed more seats into your cargo com- excuse me, luxury compartment!

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It could work. The idea is good, the challenge is in the execution.

On the plus side, airlines take their aircraft out of service for many days to be refurbished and reconfigured - so doing it in a few hours overnight or at a quiet time would definitely save them money.

Where would they store the modules I wonder?

So you need a freighter based aircraft. No big deal - but those freight loading rollers and even the big upper deck cargo door is potentially additional weight and extra maintenance.

Windows. You would need to either cut them out as normal and have a cargo door there as well. Like a combi.
I guess you could get around the windows by using electronic displays to create virtual windows, fed by an external camera.

The cruise lines have recently introduced virtual balcony suites, where a room with no natural light has a large 4k screen projecting the outside view in. It works well!

Another question is how often do you need to actually shuffle the cabins about. Daily would seem a little extreme. Once or twice a week at most could make sense.

This is a excellent idea, it could work well - especially for seasonally influenced long haul airlines.

Just who would bite first? Someone with a Delta style management who like the experiment would be ideal.

This could also work for a charter airline - the flexibility of going from a freighter, to a high density 300 seat sports charter, and then to an ACJ type VVIP transport for celebrities or governments could be a lucrative earner.

What would make this work better would be if aircraft in service, such as an A330-300 could be retrofitted from a passenger to a freighter (P2F) at an affordable price.

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Boeing has been doing this with the 737Combi for years. Really neat concept that allows for flexibility, it will all depend on how much ground time to takes to swap, airlines don’t like keeping planes on the ground.

This cruise stuff is insane, very cool!

Reading the link, it doesn’t really sound realistic, I’m not saying it’s not, I’m just saying it doesn’t sound it. You get on a flight to get from A to B and yes, you want to be comfortable but I think this is like a child customising their dolls house

Cool! “If it ain’t Airbus, I’m takin’ a bus”

If your such a fan of Airbus than why do you have a BOEING 747 as your icon!

It’s Asiana’s most iconic plane

I just looked it up and your right it looks spectacular sorry for judging you btw just took an American Airlines 737 to San Jose, Costa Rica 🇨🇷

I had a stopover at Miami and I was coming from Washington DC

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