Airbus Releases Eurocopter X3

This helicopter is truly amazing!! It flies at 293 miles per hour! Not to mention the looks!


Read all about it below! ⬇️


fly this is not IF related please keep it in RWA

I moved it back to General by accident. 🙄

No need for those sassy bold letters.


Quite interesting design…

@g100m I think he understood.

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I’m sassy person though 😂 No worries just don’t quit understand how you accidently click the edit button accidently scroll down and accidently click general .

Chill out. No need for all caps.

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Who used all caps ?Anyways back on topic love the helicopters Airbus makes

I have no idea. I clicked on the pencil at the top by accident, exited, then I checked the edits, and apparently it got moved back to General.

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LOL that’s crazy no worries still wondering how bold letters doesn’t mean getting the point across but apparently means all caps and being sassy 😂

nice post , sometimes people on IF take it to the next level with the precision.


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