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I have a question, can the A318 cross the Atlantic in Infinite Flight? Please move the topic if needed.

Yes it can.
Moved to general too, not a support question.


If you have tailwind, don’t have too many passengers and don’t have too much cargo and flying with a good speed, it is possible. (not sure with the A318, but I have already done that in the A319)


Alright then, Thanks!

Speaking of Airbus can the a330 fly paris-south africa?

Don’t forget that a quick google search will solve these kinds of questions ;)

Why don’t you try it?

I’m not sure about Infinite Flight though haha. But i’ll try :)

Infinite flight follows the same physics and amounts of fuel as RW.

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Yes, should be possible.

Ok, thanks everyone!

Fake new! Look at speedbird one and two as a brilliant example of an a318 crossing the Atlantic with ease good sir.


I did not say that it is not possible. I said it is possible.

He is referring to this. You can easily fly across the pond without having to lose most of you weight.

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Well, I am referring to the RL flight. The A318 on that flight is mainly for business-people who would like to have comfort on a small plane. And don’t forget that BAW1 does a stop at/in Shannon to refuel. BAW2 flies staight to EGLC because of the tail wind.

Credits can be found on the picture.
That’s the cabin used on the G-EUNA A318 which operates BAW1.

But you still cross the Atlantic flying EINN-KJFK no?


Guys, ask yourself this:

How did the Boeing/Airbus get from the factory to the other side of the pond?

Yes i know there’s an Airbus factory in Mobile now, but before this.


That isn’t the only route that crosses the Atlantic in an a318.
The a318 is perfectly capable of crossing the pond with sufficient passengers and cargo. It is done almost daily.

Ships i’m guessing haha

No. They flew across the pond.