Airbus project (Fello’fly)

Hello everyone. I guess a lot of you see my post about 2 a350 at YUL. Let’s talk about this news. Airbus start a new project in 2019 about doing a transatlantic flight with less than 5% of fuel. They use just 6 tons in the flight to YUL.

Airbus sad in one of their tweets

These two #A350 “fellos” performed the 1st transatlantic flight as paired aircraft from Toulouse to Montreal airport!
What’s #fellofly? A follower ✈️ retrieves wake energy lost by a leader ✈️, reducing engine thrust & fuel consumption of over 5% per trip.
Watch to find out more.

— Airbus (@Airbus) November 9, 2021

This pioneering Airbus flight was greeted on arrival in Montreal by the leaders of the United Nations aviation agency, ICAO. Council President Salvatore Sciacchitano said the guiding event “an inspiring example of the current level of commitment to reduce aviation emissions”,

This “final demonstration” test flight involved two test aircraft, the A350-900 MSN1 and the A350-1000 MSN59, the first as the lead aircraft and the second as the follower.

My spotting about this 2 planes

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For the f1 Fans, this is the equivalent to a slipstream essentially


You misinterpreted; they aren’t only using 6 tons… they are saving 5% or the equivalent of 6 tons


Yeah thanks

Sort of, seems like they are using the upward moving air of the vortices to increase lift. Slipstreaming in motorsport means you are in their hole in the air. Certainly related ideas but it doesn’t appear to be exactly the same best I can tell.


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Yeah, I can’t spot them in the landing or take off, because I had school

I don’t know that 🤔

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