Airbus plans to track everything you do onboard their aircraft

Airbus, major aircraft manufacturer, A380 builders and now want to record you why you are waiting to use the loo. They are testing these fancy new tech sensors on their test A350 which may track a lot more then you’re comfortable with.

Airbus is currently testing their new “iSeat” technology by Recaro on their “Flying Lab” on the A350, this is quite complicated so here is a simplified explanation: real-time data from seats, toilets, food carts, overhead bins, emergency equipment, gets passed to the crew via open software and appears on a large screen in the galley, this helps cabin crew see the problems in one central place as well as assisting them to track passenger whereabouts. According to Airbus, it will “usher in a new personalised experience for passengers and provide opportunities for improving airlines’ ancillary revenues and operational efficiencies” however if airlines decide to go with this here are some of the activities that may be tracked: your weight and height, cameras outside the toilets and sensors inside, if your seat belt in on and how far your chair is reclined. As well as helping the crew the new tech will also “generate additional ancillary revenues through personalised retail and advertisement as well as new services” according to to the European aircraft manufacturer.

At the end of the day, all of this still be tested, and airlines will decide if profit is more important then customers concerns about tracking, we live in a weird time, 30 years ago you could light up a smoke without anyone caring but if this tech goes ahead you could be simply judged for lifting your seatbelt buckle.

Airbus planes could soon be refitted with new tracking technology full image credit


Oh that’s not cool.


Interesting! I can’t decide if it is a good or bad thing 😂

Surprised airbus came up with this especially since GDPR is a thing.

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Yeah, slightly creepy and strange move. Who will be analysing this data?

Just imagine you’re sitting in the toilet in the back of an A320 when an electronic voice pops up:

“Your data and what you did inside this toilet has been recorded”


I agree with @Ondrejj, this is a weird move by Airbus


Of course it is, it always has been.

That is very true mate.

Why did you delete your reply?

What if I dont give consent? 😂


I think more so the point being to get an idea of what customers do during a flight and whether or not some toilets are used more than others for example. Makes sense to figure out what to invest more in and how to improve queues for lavatories etc. FA’s are always helping you out usually if you are queuing for a toilet when there is another one further up the plane that’s free, I see this just aiding the service we get on board.


GDPR works differently. What do you think Google, Facebook, Amazon etc are doing all day?
They track a lot.

However GDPR is mostly focused on how the information is stored, used and protecting sharing.
You will have to agree if they want to store this kind of information longer than the flight duration. and depends if they link this kind of information to your personal data.

It’s going to get to the point where the government comes inside your house to put up cameras everywhere.

This is dumb and ridiculous. Everything you do nowadays is being tracked by the government. For example this post that you are reading right now is probably being tracked by the government. It comes all the way down to voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home.

Who thinks that this is just another ridiculous implant for the government to track what you do.

I read the article and it seems to imply certain data is stored past the duration of the flight.

that kinda sounds stalking if passengers heard this…

on the other hand this would be useful for investigations of plane crashes cause then they could track movements made by passengers for example hijacking where they could track hijacks moves and actions, im putting this in spoiler because i dont wanna like scare people who are scared of hijackers or plane crashes etc, this can be flagged if needed

Same 😂 it’s difficult

Well, there is a bright side and a bad side to this. Tracking is not what consumers want usually, particularly when they want to keep things for themselves unless it’s for the betterment of humanity. These tracking devices are bad for the consumer side but beneficial to the aviation side, particularly for correct distributions of investments within aircraft and emergency cases. There is no clear definitive answer on whether this is acceptable or not, but all we got to say is try, observe then challenge as needed.

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I wonder if cameras are next. Not to mention if people hack into things like this. We will get some nasty stuff.

So…passengers would be more alarmed if a sensor told the FAs who had their buckle unfastened than having to wait for the FAs to walk through the entire cabin staring at everyone’s lap?

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It was said that cameras will be installed outside the public toilets with only detective sensors inside. Unless you must be referring to something else.

How do peoples rights come into this? They could just put this into the T&C’s when you book your flight