Airbus planes and what Boeing planes they could compete against

So I decided to make an Airbus=Boeing topic just for fun basically.

Attention Airbus fans: I am not trying to do anything against you.

Airbus A318=Boeing 737-700
Airbus A319=Boeing 737-800
Airbus A320=Boeing 737-900
Airbus A320neo=Boeing 737 MAX
Airbus A321=Boeing 757
Airbus A330=Boeing 767
Airbus A340=Boeing 777
Airbus A350=Boeing 787
Airbus A380=Boeing 747

Notice the 707, 717, and 727 are not included because they were around before Airbus


I’ve always thought like that😜

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I thought the 737-600 was the competitor of the A318


actually a330=B777


I’d think the 737-700 would compete more with the a319 and maybe the -300 for the a318.

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The 737-700 and -300 are pretty much identical size just different ages






A321 and B757? I don’t think so.

Another Boeing vs Airbus topic wasn’t really needed my good friend.


I wouldn’t put an equal sign there, there isn’t a 1:1 competitor to any aircraft. They all have their unique ability and most larger aircraft actually compete against multiple aircraft in different parts of its intended market. They’re not all cut and dry 1:1 competitors. 787s lose out on orders to the 777 and A330 as well. The A350 also competes against the 777 and A330. The consensus is that the 77W killed the 747-400 and in extension, the -8i.

IMO the a320 series looks nothing like the b737 series! Nice comparison though

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Besides(-ish) the A321 - 757 comparison, the entire post is insanely far off reality.

What do I have to drink to say that an A380 looks like a 747?! Or that an A340 looks like a 777.
Every elemantary school kid sees that an A340 has four engines whereas the 777 has two.

A320neo -737max:
No, just no. You can easily recognize the Boeing by its typical non-sharpened pencil cockpit, the scimitars, the engines (!), the short landing gear and so on and so on.
I don’t find anything similar here, really nothing.

A318 / A319 - 737
Same thing.
Nothing similar. Park them next to each other and you’ll understand me.

A350 - 787
Knew this one would appear here.
Please explain me why you listed these two. Just because all the planes above are approximately the same size, they by far don’t have to look like the other one.

A330 - 767
Another one that I don’t understand.
767: winglets/ raked wingtips / no winglets
A330: half-vertical winglets (as I call them)
The extremely tilted landing gear is one of the most typical things for the A330, on the 767 you’ll find way differently tilted ones.

“707, 717, 727 are not listed, because they were around before Airbus.”
Yeah, but they aren’t around anymore, we at least still have/d a lot of A310 / A300 until a few years ago.
Besides NATO, nobody flies the 707 anymore, 727s are almost totally retired, the old 747s and 757s will follow.

This topic…
None of the Airbusses above, none, have “Boeing planes they look like”.
Only their size can be compared, but that has nothing to do with the by the topic defined theme.

Hope you get what I mean.


Delta flies close to 100 Boeing 717s, with a few dozen in service with Volotea, Hawaiian, QantasLink, and Turkmenistan with weak to moderate interest coming from HA, QF, and DL for the Volotea and Turkmenistan frames that may be sold off soon. Not many 717s were built, but they are not almost retired.

You’re correct with the 727

Apologizes, I mixed something up.

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I agree with the 707, but the 717 is relatively new and the 727 is only 10 years older than the A300 (which is the same age difference between the 757 and A321).

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The A350 is an odd one looks wise. It’s Boeing 777 size, but it sits on quite long landing gear and seems quite tall, and has the long and thin proportions similar to the 757.

The 787-8 is also a bit deceptive. With it’s big windows and short landing gear it looks a little short and stumpy, but it’s actually approx A330-300 size.

Nicely done. The 350 and the 330 go with the 777 though but apart from that good job

Yea I agree with a few others. 717 would probably be the a318, then just bump everything down until 757/a321 don’t move those.

Changed the title!