Airbus Parallel Landing at SFO

Hey IFC! Yesterday @AviationFreak and I flew to NorCal from SoCal. The flight was your typical California Coast hop. We flew Airbuses up to San Francisco from Los Angeles. I flew Spirit’s A321 while he flew a United A320.
To the flight info and pictures:

Server: Expert
Route: Los Angeles - San Francisco (LAX-SFO)
Flight Time: 1hr 5mn
Airlines/Aircraft: Spirit A321 and United A320

Picture 1

Picture 2


You doing 230kts on final to try and catch up 🤣

And glitching wind so I couldn’t slow down at full flaps, 0 power, and speed brakes 😒
And to make it worse once I got to proper landing speed I almost stalled!
Also not even on Beta so it’s not related to the update at all so that’s cool 😂

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Great Photos 🤩

Thank you!