Airbus or Boeing?

Based on my knowledge, Airbus and Boeing are very similar to each other in terms of their aircraft sizes, features, and capabilities, but I wanted to ask here what you think the differences really are? And also about Embraer or Bombardier, I’m very ignorant about the different types of aircraft. Yes I could ask google but that’s no fun now is it.

I think a big difference we can all agree on is that they look different


The only difference is the engine types mostly and the looks… Other than that, I’d say the only difference is the performance.

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Sorry to inform you of this, but these type of topics are not allowed.

Many of these topics have come up and have gotten closed very quickly. This is because we all have different opinions, but strong, controversial conversations come about and insults or just being plain rude ruins these topics hence the reason we don’t allow these topics.

oh, sorry, I didnt know

It’s okay no worries