Airbus new ATTOL system

We’ve all heard of Tesla’s autopilot right? Being able to maneuver in and out of lanes, braking and accelerating to keep up with traffic. Imagine doing this but with a 200 ton aircraft. What if the plane you are flying in wasn’t even controlled not once by your pilot? Airbus released a video earlier today that shows an Airbus A350-1000 being tested with this new system. This new system known as ATTOL or Automated Taxi Takeoff and landing allows for the aircraft to Taxi, takeoff and land fully autonomously. The video only shows the takeoff but if you notice right before rotation you can see the captain tries to pull back on the side stick until his FO stops him. You can also see how this automated system reads the runway and corrects itself by try to maintain the runway centerline while taking off. Imagine this feature in IF being able to select a takeoff runway get your clearances and with a push of a button you are off to your departure runway. No more taxing violations 😅. What do you guys think is Autopilot going too far? Or would this be a helpful pilot aid to have? Let me know what you guys think!



Woah! Go airbus!

I love the part when the Captain is like: “I MUST CONTROL”
And the FO; “Relax my guy 😎”


I must say Airbus is making new innovations everyday it seems

Well, in the USA it’s Illegal to do a fully automated takeoff. This won’t happen for a long time in my opinion.

So much could go wrong at takeoff that it is critical to have a pilot in control. As well as this, first thing airlines will do it fire all pilots. Then there’s a whole in the market and passengers have to get on a plane without even human control. If a system fails, a computer stands between you and death. And what’s if it’s a electrical failure.

In conclusion, this is cool but won’t be instituted onto aviation for a long time.


Thats why its being tested. Just because It cant be used in the USA doesn’t mean it cant be used in other parts of the world ;) You’re right though, I still wouldn’t trust a computer-flown aircraft.

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It’s just how big of a market the USA represents. I also am a bit defensive because then the need for pilots drops to 0


I wouldn’t my my pilot taking a back seat during the critical points of the flight. 😂.
But I wouldn’t mind the automated taxi to make its way to IF in the future. No more taxing violations.


Hah! Infinite flight pilot finally feel like they’re realistic because they’re unable to fly the plane.

V1, Rotate, Gear up, A/P On.

In all seriousness, this is too far. It’s already a known issue that pilots are losing their basic hand flying skills. It’s so unfortunate… I mean name a scenario where you need to use an automatic takeoff. Low vis… what?! High winds, the pilot should be capable.

Cool that Airbus is exploring new features… but they’re already ridiculously automated as it is. It’s going too far.


As much as I love Airbus, you’re totally right! This is taking it a bit far.

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Thank you. Glad someone else understands

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maybe this new tech feature will be used on military aircraft. I doubt for commercial.

As an airline pilot on the Airbus, what I will say is this is welcome to some extent. This is no different to autoland. Present takeoff visibility Limitation for my company is 125 meters of Reported Visibility and that’s provided certain conditions are met. absolute limit according to EASA is 75m of Reported Visibility, I know for the FAA rules are slightly different… If this means it will enable takeoffs at Visibility less than 75m I’m all for it, as it’s better for Passengers and better for everyone. I imagine the rules would be same with autoland, the airport needs to be in LVP (Low Visibility Procedures), it can’t just be all the time… As an Airline Pilot anything that makes my job safer in LVP’s is welcome.


I’m glad I’m alive in this century cause next the job ‘pilot’ won’t be a thing.

While I love technological advances, I dislike this. Yes, it is a great feature. But it’s taking away jobs. Soon you’ll have a automatic computer flying you to your favorite holiday destination. And while saying this in a community where a large number of us are real world pilots or even aspiring pilots, these people will lose their jobs, and the latter will have their passion for something so amazing destroyed.

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Military pilots are more skilled than this

Thank you, I so very much agree

I personally do not agree.

It’s amazing how Airbus keeps creating and implementing new technologies.

We have to remember this is only a test, and until the new system can be used on commercial flights it has to be, of course, 100% safe.

I don’t understand why you are already talking about an aircraft flying without pilots. That doesn’t come suddenly. I agree that this will happen on the long term.

We have autopilot including auto-land, why not develop technologies that can further assists the human pilots, that are in complete control of the aircraft.

So yes, I believe that this a great new feature which could be implemented in the near future.


But, as @Will_A said, pilots are losing basic skills like hand flying to A/P. So while I see your point of view, I do not agree with it and don’t think that it is commercially safe. I really Do not support this test no matter who ran it.


Well hopefully pilots don’t lose their jobs in the future.

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I must say a find it quite worrying how many stand against advancements and the process of modernisation.

Of course there will be change. May I ask you to look at what aviation used to look like only 30 years ago. The whole aviation industry has always profited from these pioneering technical advances.

Over the past decades aviation safety has been increasing, even though we don’t have 1,2,3 officers plus an engineer on board.

These systems are made to improve aviation safety and security.

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