Airbus may kill the A380

Basically that. The shape is just… I can’t find any pros in its shape, only cons


You discriminating against whales? I personally find whales 🐳 to be lovely creatures. Long live the A380. I can’t understand how people call the 380 ugly and a “whale” and hey can stand to look at the giant hump on the front of a 747 and call it the “queen”. #doublestandards

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Long live the A380… Looks at title

The special look of the 747 makes it memorable, everyone can identify that small hump and the curvature and that’s why it’s so much better looking and easily likeable plane

I like whales, just not the one that Airbus made

I don’t conform to what society dictates…long live the A380 😂😂

Doesn’t make it memorable for me. In fact I can’t get past the eye sore that is the upper deck. I know I’m one in a million and that everyone will jump on me, but last I checked it wasn’t illegal to hate the 747 :) so I do it happily.

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Pretty sure you will if its a positive comment about frontier or any Airbus 😉

Nowadays people will probably recognise the A380 more than the B747. The new breed of non aviation geeks tend to remember and recognise the plane with the wow factor and that the A380 has just that due to its sheer size.

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Honestly, who cares how good an airplane looks? Airlines sure don’t. They care about fuel efficiency and reducing cost. The A380 just isn’t economically reasonable to operate.

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Pretty sure I won’t since not very many people like F9 :) and I do and the odds of someone having a ositive comment on the airline is very low. But I, sure anyone can say the same about their favorite airline.

ANA’s first A380 just entered final assembly. Hopefully they will purchase more

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Looks like the A380 is still going to be kicking…err flapping?.. for a while 😎

Airbus is just fulfilling orders. The question is, what happens when they finish delivering the trio of A380s to ANA?

Yeah, the A380 is a magnificent and beautiful aircraft, but she was just built to fail. Her equipment is hard to maintain (Especially the 4 engines, mechanics can agree) and the high capacity means most airlines have a lot of empty seats, even on popular routes. I don’t even understand why Airbus even thought of making the A380plus, as it has even more seats, which was the thing that caused the A380’s downfall in the first place. All in all, I’m sad that this beautiful bird is a failure, but we all saw it coming. It’s been a great time with the A380’s, but there are still a lot more years left for the A380 program to pick up.

Airbus will deliver the 20 (+16 options) A380s that Emirates ordered. Then, if nobody wants an A380 anymore, they will probably end/kill the A380 production. Emirates will start recieving them in 2020, after Airbus has fulfilled ANA’s orders.

Just no I cba I give up.

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I love the aircraft and all, a true marvel of engineering, but I just want it to end already, it just is just limping till Emirates gives it a crutch, and it keeps breaking that crutch, and needs another one, and Emirates just needs to stop giving it crutches, and let it fall…

Such a great aircraft and one of my favs! It’s such a shame that it might be dead VERY soon.

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I think it has a few years.😉

However they shouldnt. Even though i am a huge fan of bullet trains, the Chinese High speed trains network has a massive debt, and personally i dont think that they can handle it for much longer (or maybe they will since they have loads of money). The profitable routes (if i remember correctly) are just from Shangai or Beijing, and not from Guangzhou. Althought Chinese High speed trains are relatively cheap, the time you take to go from Guangzhou to Beijing isnt necessarily normal, i think. For a big country (in terms of area and population) like China, i think that the a380 is a good solution in Routes like CAN-PEK, or at least would be good in a Route from one of the major Chinese cities to one of the major cities in Europe or America, like CAN-LHR or CAN-LAX

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In the past few years, China Southern Airlines has suffered huge losses on its domestic routes until they put 380 on international routes. The new 320neo means that China Southern Airlines may put most or even all of its 380 on international routes, but the situation may change significantly when the 777x starts operating.

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