Airbus loves RR, Boeing loves GE

I think it will be fun if community talk about this. Why? Why would I say this, its because that B77W use its “personal” engine which is made from GE and A350 XWB use its “personal” engine which is made from RR.

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post ur thought below :)

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Yes Boeing does mainly use GE engines on their planes and airbus mainly uses the Trent engines on their planes. But on some planes like the 757, boeing has options.

What about the RR Trents on Boeing 747, 757, 767 and 787?
And CFM (basically GE) powers both the 737 and A320…


Always found it strange that Airbus doesn’t buy and integrate the Rolls Royce aero engines division.

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I think that’s too easy to say. Many aircraft have a multiple engine choice: A320, A330, A380 & B757/767/787

IMHO the A330neo/350 and B777/777X are exceptions, although Airbus is a bit in love with RR lately :)

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Still, would make more sense as Airbus are based in Europe, with RR in the UK, whereas Boeing are American, with GE in the states as well.

MasSez: GE exclusive in US? What about Pratt?

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The Prats were used on the 747 for some time.

No, not exactly. Airbus has used GE engines not all RR. In fact, I believe it uses MORE GE engines than RR.

Simple. Airbus = Europe. Rolls Royce = Europe.

Boeing= USA GE= USA
As @IceBlue mentioned, make the most sense


I really like the Rolls Royce Trent 100 engines, mainly for two reasons. The 787 used them and there’s a really good HD documentary on them. But GE makes the 777X engines, so I’m caught between the two of them.

Because the companies that each manufacture uses is more local and for other issues that are hard to explain.

I agree all you guys’ opinion and I respect that. Also I agree some of it. Thanks anyway :)

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