Airbus looking to increase A320 NEO production rate

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Next year (2021) Airbus is looking to expand production rate for the A320 NEO. Due to the (You Know what) Airbus has had a lot of order backlogs and hope stepping up the production rate will fix it. several airlines have orders including 730 from Indi Go and 400 from Air Asia. The production rate will see an increase from 40 to 47 aircraft a month.
Airbus is mainly focusing on short haul aircraft wile the long haul is in ruins, Thus hoping to appeal to airlines with the new style of travel.
This is part of airbus’s hope to deliver 6,000 A320 NEO aircraft by the end of 2025.
It will have to be a complex process with cooperation among its 4 sites USA, Germany, China, and France.

Will Airbus get it done?
Only the future knows…


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As long as they don’t expand plants here, I’m good.
This is Boeing Territory! lol


Yes, very much aggred. Murica 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Is Boeing

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Once the pandemic ends, the aviation industry will sky rocket, there is not doubt about that, and Airbus will definitely need to compensate

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Oh yeah 100% especially after the airlines convince the business travelers to quit zOOm

I hope that is a god sign. Currently Airbus has to park A320NEOs as customers can’t take them (or don’t want to) and has delayed the higher production rate for that reason, but hopefully the new planning will be able to go ahead in a by then stabilising market.

With current developments here in Europe it doesn’t seem too realistic sadly.

Actually the production backlog is a good thing as this is still from times where orders were high. In aircraft manufacturing it’s normal to have high order books and the opposite is more a problem.

(There’s a balance to find though, as customers don’t appreciate to wait for too long for order fulfilment in normal times.)

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This is close to happening!

I like the quote you added

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Thank you!

I saw this, and now I’m happy, although it wasn’t so long ago (i think( very happy for this. Hope Alaska Airlines Buys.

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