Airbus lands large TAP order!

Airbus is on a roll!

TAP has cancelled its 12 A350-900s, but, instead has replaced the order with 14 Airbus A330-900neo, 15 Airbus A320neo, and 24 Airbus A321neo.

Very glad to see additional A320neo orders and though I dislike how the A330 (Especially A330neo) looks, good news to see some orders rolling into the program.

I wish TAP and Airbus the best of success going forward!

Link to the Airbus release isn’t working on my computer so here’s the thread. Best I could get-sorry :(.


Looks like we are seeing the first signs of the A330 NEO cannibalizing the A350 program. Hopefully this trend will not continue.

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Not really a surprise for that one, HA doesn’t need the increased range and the structural weight that goes with it.