Airbus landing flaps

on the A319 -(in xp11) i noticed that the FMGS had a flaps 3 Vapp/Vls for landing, i was wondering when to use this, is the choice between 3/FULL like flaps 30/40 in a 737 (25/30 in other Boeings) or is it like flaps 15 in a 737 and used for non-normal procedures?

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You always use full flaps on landing, but don’t talk about X-Plane here😉


Certain planes you do not need full flaps on landing.

Could you name some?

The two I know of that where it is strongly recommended to avoid full flaps are the MD-11 and the 737, specifically the 738 and 739. Some aircraft even have the full flap setting disabled.

im just stating why i want to know

Our fleet of fixed wings don’t require full flaps depending on the runway and conditions.

The 737, both CL and NG, are approved for normal landings with flap 15, 30 and 40 although Flap 15 is an option not used by every airline.

Flap 30 is used for various reasons (it’s more efficient, quieter and gives better go around performance initially) if landing distance is not a factor which it isn’t in 95% of landings. To say it is strongly recommended not to use flap 40 is incorrect.

Either flap 30 or 40 can be used for autolands but our SOP is flap 40.

The Airbus is similar.

737s use flaps 30 as the increased speed allows more control and it lowers the angle of attack decreasing their chances of tail strikes. 🙂

Well, not really. Yes the higher approach speed gives you slightly better more pitch and roll reaction but not a lot as the difference in approach speeds is only about 5kts.

You actually approach at a higher pitch attitude with flap 30 which increases the likelihood of a tailstrike. With flap 40 your pitch attitude is approximately 1 degree lower.

Usually I land with flaps on the 739/8 at 25 to 30 degrees. Going full flaps usually makes it very difficult for me to land and is unnecessary in my opinion.

Yep with flap 40 you tend to float or fall out the sky. 30 is much better as long as performance allows.

Flap 25 isn’t approved for landing though but can be used for take off.

The A319 doesn’t need flaps 4 / Full everytimes

With regards to the MD-11 and the ‘Flap 50’ position - every flight video I have seen of the MD-11, they have used Flaps 50 on final approach.

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