Airbus Is Under Investigation For Bribing AirAsia With $50 Million To Win Orders

I’d say it’s so different it’s almost irrelevant. I mean if a man joe buyer is stepping back what sort of company wouldn’t try to talk them out of it? 🤷🏻‍♂️

And why were they so greedy to even try bribe people? Sales were looking good with very little financial trouble…

AirAsia is a huge Airbus customer, and I don’t think they would even try turning to Boeing for aircraft.

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You all are making it seem like this is such a big deal and that Airbus should be ashamed of themselves, however it was mentioned many times, and I’ll restate it again: when it comes to billion dollar deals, companies will use these types of tactics to gain customers. It’s not like other aircraft manufacturers are completely innocent when it comes to bribing customers

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Looks like they took advantage of Boeing’s issues to be rolling in cash (and busy workers) but they got caught.

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Yay! Lol.

This does sound very interesting. Sad for such a big company to have to resort to bribing another big company.

I’ve seen and read this before. Unfortunate thing Is that AirAsia wasn’t the only victim…

Honestly this whole situation is a bit fishy to me. I’m really disappointed in Airbus. While I understand that now is the ideal time to win in the aviation market due to the issue with Boeing, I think that It is a bit unfair from Airbus’s side by taking an advantage like this to such a level.

The bribe was basically a discount to all the airlines who agreed to it. I’m sure close to, if not every single large order placed by airlines ever since the MAX groundings have received such a bribe.

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AirAsia Japan?

$50m seems like a drop in the ocean for a big company like Airbus. What I wonder is why they had t9 Resort to this while that money would have been better leveraged by giving Air Asia bigger discounts on their orders.

50 million, which really isn’t too much when you look at the cost of aircraft.

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This is all speculation and accusation. Nothing has been proven yet in a legal court of law, stop jumping to conclusion. Innocent until proven guilty.

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Correct but they were found guilty and fined billions last week so the likelihood is pretty high that an offence was committed.

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Wow, shocking in my opinion. I’m surprised that after the faults at Boeing and everyone gaining the trust of Airbus, they’d do such thing.

AirAisia Japan isn’t a thing anymore. It used to exist but then became Vanilla Air (which is now merged with Peach).

AirAsia Japan rebranded as Vanilla Air in 2013 but I think in 2015 AirAsia Japan was recreated as a separate airline.

Anyways, they’ll be launching a Nagoya to Fukuoka route this month so I think they still exist?


I believe it has restarted. AirAsia flies to/in Japan either way. The only other large low cost airlines are Jetstar Japan, Air Do, Peach and Skymark.

My point is, AirAsia wanted that many new aircraft from a manufacturer, bribery involved or not. I believe the bribe was simply an incentive to make AirAsia stick with Airbus for their large prospective order.

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How can you even say something like that? While this is a very serious issue, did bribing end up in hundreds of innocent people dead? I don’t think so. Boeing has a totally different problem to Airbus, they were greedy and wanted to release an aircraft as soon as possible in return to the A320 neo. The issues between the 2 powerhouses are totally different.


I am a little bit confused as to why this is bad. This is a standard marketing tactic. When an ad comes on TV or YouTube, that is essentially the same thing.

I’m sorry, but I just need to let this out.

Most of the time, Airbus fans admit the company’s mistakes whereas with Boeing fans - they make some dumb excuse.